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So I really don't think a lot of people are super disappointed when we miss a day of posting, but just for the record and my own information, I was not intending to skip posting yesterday. There were a few different factors at work. First of all, we had a lot of anime to watch, and we had to go to the grocery store, and I had to practice the piano for church (the Primary kids sang in sacrament meeting for Father's Day), and the episode of Murder, She Wrote we were on (we watch it during dinner) was extra long, and we still wanted time to play The World Ends With You.

Secondly, almost all of our thoughts have been taken up by one of two subjects. There's the whole thing about a couple of activists facing church discipline that's all over the Mormon blogosphere (I refuse to call it the bloggernacle), which is very thought-provoking, but also very complicated as far as articulating our thoughts on the matter. But since those thoughts leave a lot more room for discussion, we probably think about those more than the other, much more fun, thing, which is our delusions about meeting Masakazu Morita at Anime Expo.

As for the latter, we thought it would be fun to go back and read our report of the last Anime Expo we went to (back in 2009!), for our own reference as far as feeding the delusional daydreams, and I don't know if we're just up on ourselves or overly optimistic or what, but those reports certainly did nothing to ground us. In fact, they probably made things worse, all this, "And this guest of honor totally probably recognized us!" and "And this manager waved!" Seriously.

So actually, I was sort of planning to post about the former thing that's been on our minds, but I'm kind of in the middle of a text message conversation right now, and that makes it impossible to focus on many things, including and especially difficult topics. (Though admittedly, it doesn't help that we have our Koe no Ouji-sama playlist on in the background. We could turn it off, since we've been listening to it for a while, but...)

So instead, I guess I could mention that we called Dad for Father's Day. He said he hopes we have a good day, too, which led very easily into our thing about when people say, "Happy to anyone who celebrates!" and how it kind of seems to imply "and to heck with the rest of you!" even though it's obviously never intended. He suggested we declare it National Depression Day and wish everyone a happy one. I'm not entirely sure of the logic of that (maybe it's just the irony--everyone's sad because they don't get to be happy on the holiday...or something?), but we found it amusing anyway.

Today I'm thankful for daydreams, our amusing Anime Expo reports, having frosting for our graham crackers (chocolate and pink lemonade), having plans for an epic adventure with our home teacher (if our big project doesn't hit and smash us to bits), and getting a ride home from church today.
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