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The adventure continues...

In the continuing adventures of The Twins Getting Stuff for Page That Page Promptly Ignores, today we got a new toy for Page that she promptly ignored. It's call the Peek-a-Prize Toy Box, and it's a little box with a bunch of holes in it, and the cat can reach in the holes and bat at the toys inside. Teasing them out is supposed to encourage mental & physical stimulation (you can tell I'm quoting from the packaging, because I used an ampersand instead of just typing "and" like I normally do). We thought she'd like it because she seems bored, but maybe she only seems bored because we're projecting and we think we'd probably be bored if all we had to do all day was sleep and bug the authorities by lying on the laptop. Maybe she'd like it if we put a pen inside. She likes to vanquish those.

Anyway, originally, she only ignored the box because she wasn't in a curious mood when we got it. She was in a "hiding from the deliveryman" mood. So we took it out of the packaging and left it on the floor for her to find later. When she came into the room, she proceeded directly to our desk and paid it no mind, except to sniff the rather pungent (with "new toy" smell) packaging. I guess she was already determined to join us at the computer desk.

Later, she hopped off the desk, so I took the opportunity to show her the new toy. She reached into one of the side holes and batted at one of the balls once...then apparently decided she didn't care. I tried to show her that she could reach into the top to get at the ball more easily, but she contented herself with watching me bat them back and forth. (That sounds like she was acting more imperiously than she was. She seemed to like seeing the ball go back and forth more than me hitting it.) Then she went to the bedroom and I haven't seen her since.

In the meantime, we're realizing that maybe we should have gotten more work done yesterday if we wanted to finish our first draft of this Harlequin manga today. Ah well, that happens sometimes. We're pretty sure we can still finish it by the deadline (Monday), but our boss already told us the deadline is flexible, so we're not too worried. On the other hand, there's still a chance that a big wave of work will come smashing down on us on Monday. So we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for fun new toys for Page, the hope that she'll enjoy playing with them (she sometimes prefers not to let people see her playing), getting a fair amount of work done despite slacking yesterday, finding out that there are new episodes of My Little Pony on Netflix (how long has that been going on without our notice?), and it being dinner time.
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