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The plot thickens

Back when I e-mailed Steve with a list of reasons we didn't want to go to Seattle for Thanksgiving, I made the mistake of listing being away from our video games as one of the reasons. We thought of it more as "here's why it would be more fun to stay here" than "here's why we'd have to kill ourselves if we go," but nevertheless Steve has convinced himself and our mother (well, our mother at least) that we are worshipping video games as false gods, and the reason they shouldn't give us the money for a Japanese PS2, even as an early Christmas present, is that they can't in good conscience support our idol worship.

It really seems to me like this reasoning comes from a "they don't want to do what I want them to do, so I'm not going to do what they want me to do, and here's my reason why I'm actually a better person for it" attitude, but since I can't read minds and I wasn't present at any of their discussions, I couldn't say for sure. But last night I was thinking about how silly it was to take our excuse of not wanting to leave our video games to mean that video games are our false gods when one of the incentives they gave us to go with them was the opportunity to play Kingdom Hearts the entire way there and back. Mom should know that Kingdom Hearts is our favorite game and that we haven't been able to play it. Maybe she hasn't been paying attention. At any rate, if we really did worship video games, wouldn't we jump at the opportunity to play our favorite one for fourteen hours straight? (Though if we truly did worship Kingdom Hearts, we probably would have stolen their copy months ago. We almost did, actually, but that was more to see if we could than anything else. We would have succeeded if we hadn't decided that stealing was wrong even if they weren't going to play it.)

But that's beside the point. That line of thinking got me to thinking about how I really would like to prove to them that we're not worshipping false gods, but I couldn't really see what that would accomplish, though it is very sad to have your own mother think that about you, especially when you're fairly certain it's not true. Anyway, trying to convince them that we're not in as sinful a state as they seem to have convinced themselves would probably just seem to them like we were trying to get them to give us the money for the PS2. And then it hit me. What's wrong with that? If we keep bugging them, the odds of them giving in to get us to shut up are not slim. It would be a battle of wills, and we're pretty good at those.

I haven't started on this plan yet, for one main reason: We're both curious to see what they would come up with as alternative Christmas presents, especially now that we know Mom's sister, whom Mom will always listen to, has advised them against getting us bicycles. (We didn't hear why, but we suspect it may have something to do with our lack of health insurance.) Fear of confrontation at this point means nothing, though I do think that causing contention is a bad idea. Still, I feel I can argue the point without attacking them or calling Steve a big baby. But curiosity may get the better of me. Or perhaps it would be better to bug them into getting us something we'll actually like before they give us one more thing to hold against them. Not that we should be holding anything against anyone.
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