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Following up on yesterday's post, the time came to introduce Page to her window perch...and she proceeded to ignore it, hard. core. One of her favorite places to curl up today was on the bed under the perch, that's how diligently she's ignoring it. We can't get her to jump onto it. It's very difficult to resist the temptation to just pick her up and put her there, but that type of strategy has failed us multiple times before. We still have a few tricks up our sleeve, like catnip and butter (she hates all people food except butter, which she adores--obviously we would put it on a saucer on the perch, not directly on the perch, but she's an expert at locating the butter, so we think the plan has merit).

In another follow-up to yesterday's post, thanks to all two of you who posted feedback about when it may or may not be okay to talk about stuff we work on! (She says, as if she has more than two friends who could have effectively weighed in on that matter. I thought I had three or four, though...I don't know, it's not important.) There is one issue along those lines that we didn't address, and that is simulpubs. We figure it's okay to talk about stuff we're working on while we're working on it in general (especially if volume one has already been printed), but for simulpubs, we have recently changed our strategy. Why? Pirates, that's why. We figure they're probably going to find access to the Japanese chapter anyway, but we don't want to call their attention to the fact that a new one is available (assuming they haven't already found out).

That being the case, we decided we should probably always wait to talk about UQ Holder! until the chapter in question has gone live at Crunchyroll, which can be really, really hard sometimes. Not that we want to talk about story stuff or anything (although that would be fun, too, especially after some of the stuff Fate said in the most recent chapter), but because there are some interesting translation/work related things we like to point out.

In this last chapter, there were a bunch of lines that were repeats of lines from the chapter before it. The chapter before it was one that gave us a huge amount of trouble. It was ridiculous--it felt like we took an entire workday just to translate sixteen measly pages. (Athena points out that if felt like that because it did take an entire workday, but only sort of, because we've developed a nasty habit of spending about twenty minutes to half an hour at Kingdom Hearts [chi] between three and four, so technically it wasn't an entire workday, just a workday minus half an hour.)

So for this last chapter, we pulled up our translation file to see how we translated those repeat lines the first time...and we were like, "Whoa, these sound pretty good!" And thus we learned that all our hard work was worth it, and we were happy. And we had much better translations for the repeat lines than our place-holder translations, which were pretty blah. I should have saved some examples, because the wordings weren't all that different, and yet somehow, one version was so much better than the other. But the point is, for me at least, when we were having trouble translating everything a couple of weeks ago (like seriously, everything felt impossible to translate; I think that was the week we took Friday off because we couldn't bring ourselves to care anymore), I was worried that we were somehow getting dumber or something. But then we saw the results of that work (after stepping back for a while), and we saw that it was really pretty good after all. It was nice to know.

Also, oh my goodness, this week's chapter of UQ Holder!. (By which I mean Chapter 37, the one that just went live. We don't have the next one yet.) It's pretty intense.

Today I'm thankful for seeing that our hard work trying to make translations work was not in vain, having plans to go to Disneyland with Gaston tomorrow, getting lots of mog medals this week, finishing our second first draft of Saiyuki Reload Blast 1, and graham cracker/chocolate/peanut butter sandwiches.
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