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Meanwhile, at choir practice

Choir practice continues to be a challenge, not for any reason in particular, just because. The biggest challenge for our third round (of practices before a performance) was...choosing a song. I think that's one of the hardest things to do for some reason. We knew that there would have to be a song for the next round of choir practices, so whenever someone asked, "Is there going to be choir practice this week?" we'd say, "Yup! What do you think we should sing?" And most of the time they didn't say anything. It would be like, "Oh, I don't know!" or "I don't know any songs!"

We actually did get two suggestions, and one of them was a song that came up in our very brief brainstorming session with the bishop when we first started the whole choir thing, but it was nixed because we wanted to make sure everybody knew the songs. Thinking on it now, since nobody knows the harmony parts anyway, it's not much different introducing an entirely new song, but it's too late now, because we have a song!

And we got that song because, after spending most of church switching from paying attention to exploring choir song options with the hymn book, Athena still didn't have a song. So when choir practice started, we asked the few members who were there on time, and eventually, after a little more brainstorming, we came to a consensus. So we will be singing "I Need Thee Every Hour" in two weeks, and all the women will be learning both the soprano and alto parts, so ideally we will have people for both sections when it's time to perform. In the meantime, our idea of having the other ward keyboardist play the piano so I can sing alto is less feasible, since the other ward keyboardist isn't going to be as available to come to church for the next several weeks (she will be attending to a family member who will be recovering from a major operation).

Now we just need to go over all the parts ad nauseum until everyone can sing them!

Today I'm thankful for patient choir members, getting to listen to the Dream Duets version of "Something There" again, having a song for the choir to sing, getting a ride home from choir practice (our regular ride would have stayed, but her back was bothering her after helping out in the nursery, so we told her to go home), and learning that you can soften rock-hard ice cream by using the microwave (as opposed to leaving it out to thaw, which leaves you with ice cream soup on the outside of the container, with rock-hard ice cream in the center).
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