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This month is our ward's month to clean up the church building. I don't know all the details about why, but every ward takes turns cleaning up its building--you know, the vacuuming and mopping and dusting and stuff. We never help, because for some reason this cleanup always takes place at eight in the morning on Saturdays. We have a hard enough time waking up at eight-thirty in the morning on weekdays--we want to sleep in on Saturdays!

But we figured we should not be so lazy, and we should be more helpful, and besides we make our own hours and can sleep as late as we want on weekdays, and in addition, we don't have any official work lined up for Monday, so we can sleep in if we want to. Nevertheless, we just can't bring ourselves to set the alarm much earlier than 7:45. So we set it for 7:40, and we figured people wouldn't mind if we showed up late.

We woke up this morning and got ready for the day...very slowly because we tend to move slow when we're up earlier than we're used to. We didn't get out the door until almost 8:30. But we did get out the door, and we walked to the church! ...and got there just in time for everyone to be finished. Eh heh heh heh...

But just to show how nice our ward is, they let us have donuts anyway. They insisted, even! We were like, "No, we didn't do anything, we don't deserve donuts!" and they were like, "Take them! We're trying to get rid of them!" And we were like, "Are you sure?" and they were like, "Yes!!!" and so we figured they were serious. As it so happened, there were exactly two donuts left, so we each got one! And then our contribution to the building cleanup was to take the donut box out of it. And to add to our ward's super awesome niceness, we even got a ride home and we didn't even have to ask.

And thus concludes our adventures in non-helpfulness. We came home and watched anime until it was time to go to the baptism (we're the go-to music people now). This week's episode of Kamigami no Asobi was pretty hilarious. And it had our favorite character finally! He's had cameos, but this time, they showed him stretch, and he made stretching noises, and we were like, "Gasp! He's going to talk in this episode!!" And then he did! And it was adorable.

And now we're going to go watch one more episode of anime before dinner.

Today I'm thankful for our ward being super nice, getting to eat yummy donuts, getting to go to another great baptism, being almost caught up on Captain Earth (we'd be caught up now if the new episode didn't come out today), and the really fun episode of KamiAso.
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