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Whew, we've been working hard today. Fortunately, the big project hasn't hit yet, so we had all day to work on My Little Monster. Less fortunately, My Little Monster is sort of kicking our butts. Or our brains. Or whatever. The point is, it's taking a while, so we're not done yet. But at least we have that much more of it done, in case the big project hits tomorrow.

Seriously, though, it feels like everything we've done lately has taken longer to edit than usual (except for Harlequin Manga, and I wonder if that's just because we don't care about making it sound good as much, because we figure it's okay if something sounds a little over the top in cheesy romance stuff). In this case, I think it's just because we spend a lot of time looking things up in the previous three volumes for matching purposes. We won't know for sure until later in the series, when they stop quoting the first three volumes.

It's been pretty interesting, though, looking at the other translation. The style is definitely different, and we have a theory that the translator takes a more practical approach--the kind of approach you might take when interpreting. There's a really good example of that in volume three, but it's in volume three, so if you want to hear about it, remind us when volume three comes out. For our own reference (so we can find it later and remember what it was), it's on page 76 of the Japanese version.

We also had another very interesting discovery. Shizuku goes to the library a couple of times in volume four (I don't think that's a spoiler), and since she hadn't been to the public library before that (meaning it wasn't a matter of matching previous volumes), we did a quick Google search to see if we should have the sign read "city library" or "public library." We went with public library, but the point is, our Google search brought up our city's library page. Yesterday, we ended up talking about our Disney Reading Project to somebody, and when we said we couldn't get The Rescuers, he was like, "What? Are you sure?" So we were like, "Well, maybe if they had it at the library..."

So while we were at our city's library page, we figured we might as well find out where the library is anyway. Apparently there are several in our city, and we recognized the cross streets for one of them right away...because those are our cross streets. The library is across the street. Maybe one of these days we'll have enough free time to check it out.

Today I'm thankful for having plenty of time to work on this edit, being more than halfway done with it, finding out that we have a library in easy walking distance, Page being so cute and wanting to spend time with us, and more Sailor Moon to watch today.
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