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I thought of something else I wanted to say about My Little Monster but forgot when I was posting about it yesterday. It has a little thing that has been driving us crazy: they're always eating donuts! And they look soooooo good! And we've been craving donuts forever, because there's a donut place right by our grocery store, but we never get donuts there, because we only see it when we're going grocery shopping, and then we're laser-focused on our goal of getting groceries...and we're like, "I'm about to spend way too much money on Southern California groceries; I' don't have cash to spare on donuts!"...and it's a whole extra (medium-sized) parking lot of walking to get there, when we're about to have to walk home carrying heavy groceries, and we're already unreasonably tired from walking too fast in an attempt to get this chore out of the way. Anyway, in My Little Monster, they keep eating donuts, and they keep having chocolate crullers, and oh my goodness. It was enough to almost motivate us to take a walk yesterday, just to go buy donuts. Then we decided we were too busy making sure not to do anything, because we Needed a Break, Darnit!, so there were no donuts. Alas.

Anyway, I also have a story. As you all know, we babysat on Friday. Once before, we had given the little girl some bread with butter, because she seemed so very hungry and bread was the only food we had that we were willing to share. (We don't plan to entertain people, least of all with food.) After that, we started buying fruit snacks, which we were much more okay with giving out, partly because...okay, so we have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch every day, and we have it all worked out with a bread system. When we share our bread, we throw the numbers off and the system doesn't work until we figure out how to reconcile the discrepancy. But it was all okay now, because when the children get hungry, we can give them fruit snacks.

Then came Friday, and the little girl had already had fruit snacks, but she really, really wanted some bread and butter, because she really loves bread and butter. I weighed my options. I could either keep refusing to give her bread, and eventually she would find something else to occupy herself (I wasn't really worried about her throwing a tantrum, because she usually stops at wheedling), and then her dad would come get her and take her out to lunch, leaving us with our bread system intact. Or I could not be a jerk over a silly little system and be generous and share my bread with a little girl who may or may not legitimately be very hungry. I figured in this case, the Christlike thing to do would be to share the bread, and besides Sunday would be bread day, which meant bonus bread anyway. Maybe there would be something extra exciting, too.

So I gave the little girl a slice of bread with some butter on it, and she happily ate it (rolled up, for some reason, but I guess when we were kids, we ate our bread in strange ways, too).

Then came Sunday (today). And when we went to the church kitchen to see what bread products were available...lo and behold, there were packages of chocolate crullers! Chocolate crullers, the very thing we had been craving! Aaaaahhh♪ (<--heavenly choir) So now we have a whole case of them to look forward to later. (We almost took home two, but the bishop's wife saw them and commented on how much her son would love them. We figured if we really did take two (there's at least a dozen in each package), at least one of them would go stale before we got to it, because we take our time eating sweets.)

So that's just another example to me of how the Lord knows us, and blesses us when we're kind.

Today I'm thankful for chocolate crullers, having a whole package of them, having a ward Book of Mormon reading project going on, having a ride to the baptism tonight (we really had to ask around this time; we would have just said, "Oh well, guess we'll spend that time re-energizing at home," but they want me to play the piano), and getting to talk to family on the phone again.
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