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I didn't mean to keep quiet about our new Kodansha project for this long. I was planning to go into it, like, sometime this week or something, but stuff just kept happening and happening, and I didn't want to make it part of another entry, except for the brief mention of it in relation to our ride home from Fresno. So as I'm sure many(?) of you have figured out, we're the new translators on My Little Monster. Tadah!

We were pretty amused by it, because you know how My Little Monster and Say I Love You both had an anime at the same time, and they were both about antisocial girls with no friends? They're like the same series, only not. So when one of our editors at Kodansha came to us with the offer for Say I Love You, only he didn't say what it was (he said he wanted us to translate a shojo drama series that was eleven volumes), we were pretty sure we knew what it was, but we did tell ourselves that maybe, just maybe, it was My Little Monster. Not that we're not grateful to be working on Say I Love You, but I think we've been over the fact that Say I Love You is edgier than we like, and from what we'd seen of the anime, we suspected it would be. Since we'd also seen the My Little Monster anime, we knew that was closer to our comfort zone.

At the time, both series were scheduled to be released at the same time, too. I don't know what made us so sure it was Say I Love You--we might have had a reason, but neither of us remembers it. It might have been the eleven volumes thing. But anyway, I will admit that sometimes, when we saw My Little Monster mentioned online, I would wonder wistfully why we weren't assigned that title. Of course, I wonder that with any shojo manga title we're not translating.

So now we're amused, because we're translating both Kodansha titles about antisocial girls with no friends that were animated in that season.

Relatedly, the Servant x Service anime amused us for reasons involving both those titles as well, but I couldn't say anything at the time we were watching it, because we still weren't sure if we were really translating the Say I Love You manga, so I didn't want to indicate that we started watching the anime again. But here's the deal: the actress who plays the main character in Servant x Service also played Mei in Say I Love You. The actors who play Yamato in Say I Love You and Haru in My Little Monster are both in Servant x Service as well. The character who ends up being the male love interest is the one played by Haru. So it was like Haru won that if there were ever a contest to begin with. That's okay, though, because at least we were amused, and that's the important thing.

So...yeah, I guess I didn't have much more to say about My Little Monster than that. We finished our first draft of volume four, so now we're at the same "but what happens next!?" point that the anime left us with. For some reason I feel like we tend to translate manga series in spurts with long gaps of time inbetween, and since we're not scheduled to translate volume five right away, we feel like we'll be at that point in the story for a long time yet. Even if that doesn't actually turn out to be the case, the project we have starting next week promises to be mind-consuming enough (but super awesome at the same time) that it will certainly feel that way.

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate My Little Monster, having had time to read today, getting to sleep in this morning, the yummy pizza we had for dinner last night, and the hope of one day finding out what happens after the point in My Little Monster where the anime ends.
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