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Further adventures in babysitting

We're taking a bit of a risk today by not working. On the one hand, we have a big project starting up next week, and we have no idea how much time it's going to take--all we know is it will probably be a lot. That being the case, it would be wise to finish as much as we can of our current project before we have to start double time, or whatever a better term for that would be, if I had the energy to come up with one. On the other hand, we have been expending a lot of energy over the past several weeks (just these last two had a trip to Fresno that involved babysitting and long hours spent in vehicles; more babysitting; a trip to Disneyland that involved babysitting, lots of time on our feet, and carrying children; and more babysitting), without spending a sufficient amount of time to replenish that energy. We're in a state of mind where it's very difficult to care enough to see if there's a better way to word those sentences, and that's not a good state of mind to be in when you're trying to do quality work.

Of course, if this weekend isn't enough time to re-energize, and the new project turns out to be super massively time-consuming, then we're going to be draining ourselves again and giving ourselves extra work on top of it...but I really think we need to get some rest. So here we are.

Speaking of babysitting, we did that again today. The little girl...was interesting. The first thing she did when she came in was ask where we put her treats from the Easter Bunny. We babysat her and her brother the day after Easter (at the end of April), and she gave us a package (or two?) of Peeps that her parents informed us were a gift (that we would most likely be asked to share). We offered to share (we're not big fans of Peeps) and she declined (but her brother most certainly did not)...and a couple of weeks later we had some stale Peeps. We weren't eating them, so we threw them away. We babysat her several times after that, and now, over a month later, suddenly she cares about them. (Our best theory is that she gave them to us because she thought she didn't like them, then her mom or someone got out some more the other day and she tried them again (or for the first time), deciding she liked them.) She was so upset that we threw away her treats that she crawled under the table to pout, and when I apologized and asked her to forgive me, she said she forgave me but she was going to stay there for a while because she was still sad.

She cheered up before long, and then it was business as usual. She did do something very sweet. She and I came into the office to play, and I yawned and told her I was sleepy (we had to wake up early today), so she said, "Let's take a nap!" Then she pretended to sleep for a few minutes, then informed me that she really loves to sleep but she wasn't sleepy anymore so she was going to be awake, but I could still take a nap. Then she gave me a blanket and sang a couple of songs for me. It was cute.

In the meantime, Athena had an interesting experience with the baby brother. We give him an old Playstation controller to play with when the little girl asks us to play Kingdom Hearts, because he likes to push buttons, and we'd rather have him push buttons on an unconnected controller than on, say, the TV. He also likes to take that controller and fling it against the ground. He did that, and Athena had had enough of it, so she decided to give him a Warning. If he did it one more time, he was going to get a time out.

Of course, as kids are wont to do, he ignored her. So she called his name a few times, and when that didn't work, she started getting serious. She took him by the arm to get him to face her, and he started throwing a tantrum and went "boneless." She ended up having to kind of scoop him up and hold his head up (as if she were keeping him from falling on the ground), making sure he was looking at her. She told him something like, "If you throw the controller again, you will get a time out, and don't pretend you don't understand me, because I know you do." After that, every time she told the kid to look at her, he turned to look. He wasn't happy about it, but he looked. He didn't throw the controller again, either.

The moral of the story is: even less-than-two-year-olds practice the "art" of ignoring someone they know is going to say something they don't like. And they understand more than they let on.

Today I'm thankful for having a chance to rest (that will hopefully energize us enough that we can handle extra work next week), having a supply of sugar to help us through the upcoming (potentially) long hours of work, the power of using your words, pizza deals we may take advantage of tonight (since we're already throwing caution to the wind, might as well spend a few extra bucks on pizza, right?), and our project that's starting on Monday. And the adorable picture that Kazuya Minekura drew of Soichiro Hoshi for his birthday.

PS: Can any Attack on Titan fans tell us why there's no electricity in that world? Like maybe they explained it somewhere (eyecatches, the manga...) and we missed it?
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