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It's been a bit of an off-day today, probably because it started with babysitting. As usual, the kids themselves weren't so bad (except for when the baby walked into the room and immediately, without any warning whatsoever, threw a toy in my face; it happened to be the one toy we had out with a battery pack, and therefore probably the only toy which would have hurt at all, and it did hurt), but we didn't like it anyway. When it was over, we reviewed briefly and reminded ourselves that it really did go relatively well. On the other hand, for the first time ever, the little girl didn't fight her dad about leaving, and I'm not sure what that means. I'm pretty sure I'm okay with it, whatever it means, but if we're losing our appeal for some reason...well, that just seems typical of most of our relationships with people anyway.

Then we worked on Harlequin manga, and oh my goodness, this stuff is not healthy. By which I mean, reading it, we have a difficult time seeing how most of the characters in these things can possibly have healthy relationships past where the book ends. Some of them are better than others, of course, but the one we translated today was just...yeah. Sometimes the thought will occur to me that maybe it's not in my best interests to criticize something that's technically paying my bills, but it's always countered with the thought that maybe it's even worse to be helping with the spread of this kind of thing. Some of them are really cute! But some of them are really ugh.

And tomorrow is going to be a very big day, because it will be the first time our nephews get to go to Disneyland! Oh my goodness, we've been so excited. The excitement kind of vanished when plans were made to babysit this morning, but I know we were excited, and I'm pretty sure we had a good reason for it.

It's going to be extra interesting, because Aurora and her husband will be joining us! They intimidate us in real life, so we're a little bit nervous about that, but usually Disneyland has good effects on everyone, so we're pretty sure good times will be had by all. I think what makes me most nervous is that of course we want to take the nephews to Fantasyland, but that place seems to be the most crowded these days. That's probably mostly because there are strollers everywhere (seriously, if they changed the name to Strollerland, I would not see the inconsistency; but it would make me very sad), so maybe I don't have to worry about children losing patience with lines as much as I think I do.

Today I'm thankful for being done babysitting again, having plans to go to Disneyland tomorrow, work not taking extra long despite the late start, getting a paycheck, and Page not being too demanding of attention (she doesn't like being locked up with children around, but she doesn't like being around children, either).
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