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Hope for a concertina

Page is so sweet. She's been following us around all day.

We called Mom today, like we usually do on Sundays, and she told us a super cute story about Logan. She gave him some Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies, and he would take apart the two cookie pieces, eat the creamy peanut butter filling...and give the cookies to his little brother. Mickey's young enough that he's happy to get any kind of cookie, but nevertheless, when the kids' parents found out what was going on, they made Mom stop giving Logan cookies until he ate every part of the ones he had. At least he was sharing.

Today was another busy day at church. Athena was in charge of a lot of stuff again--leading the music in sacrament meeting, teaching the lesson in Sunday school, choir practice. The bishop's been so eager to get the choir going that he wanted it to sing next week, even though we just sang last week. The ward music director and ward organist both thought it was completely unreasonable to have two choir performances that close together, but Athena asked the choir if they thought they could handle it, and the members who cared enough to say anything said you betcha, so sing we shall! Well, actually not "we" exactly, because as the director, Athena won't be singing, and since the other potential accompanist will be out of town next week, I'll be playing the piano again, but we will all be performing! Tadah!

In the meantime, we handed off our concertina to one of the choir members, and he said he'd look at it and see if...did I ever mention this? Okay, so some of you may remember that many, many months ago, we procured a concertina, and we were happily learning how to play it when the E (just above middle C) decided it didn't like working. Instead of making a lovely concertina E, it sounded like a party favor noise-maker kazoo-ish thing. So we emailed the concertina people about how to fix it, and they gave us instructions which we started to follow...but they involved taking the end off the concertina. Well, that wouldn't be a problem, except that one of the screws keeping it attached won't turn, so we can't get it out.

Somehow, all of this managed to come up in a conversation at the ward lasagna dinner on Friday, and the ward Primary chorister (to whom we were speaking, mostly about Disneyland) said, "I bet my dad could fix it." He happened to come by at about that time, so we explained the issue, and he said, "Well, let me take a look at it." So we've given him the concertina, and he says he will find away to get that screw out so we can remove the end, and he'll leave the rest of the repairs to us. Ideally, we'll then be able to remove whatever it is that's stuck in the E reed, and then we'll have a working concertina. And then maybe someday, we'll find time to learn how to play it.

Today I'm thankful for choir members who are eager to sing, Page being super sweet, having moose tracks ice cream to look forward to later, more cute stories about nephews, and having had time to read today.
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