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Duck! Tape!

I didn't really mean to post to LJ this late today. It's just been tricky, because at the beginning of the week, since I had work-related stuff to write about, I decided to write about work, because that seems to be the most generally appealing topic to everyone (including ourselves). Then I happened to have something to say about work every day of the work week. And then it was Saturday and we didn't work, so I suddenly was clueless about what to write about. We almost didn't post at all, but our friends list is so sad and lonely and boring that we had to write something. So here we are.

Actually, come to think of it, I do have something sort of work-related to talk about, but it's not translation-related. We'd been holding on to some materials for a while because we hate figuring out postage, especially now that we lost our scale, and also because we hate printing postage or printing anything really, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, because there are some fun things that could be printed, and then we'd have fun printed things to post on our walls, or use as sheet music, or whatever! But we don't because of inertia. Inertia, it would seem, is one of our greatest nemeses. You know what they say--you can only overcome inertia with intelligence. ...No wait, that's entropy. Oh well.

Anyway, we'd been holding on to these books, and it finally came time to send them to the people what needs 'em. It came time so much, in fact, that we needed to send them express mail. But there was a problem with envelopes. We have a bunch of envelopes for sending books back, but we ordered them when we thought we would be more on top of things as far as mailing books back. And since we only work for one company that asks us to send books back, and we're only working on two series for them at best, we got envelopes that only fit one or two books at a time. (In fact, Athena was going to leave them in our old apartment after the fire, but Mom grabbed them at the last minute, which turned out to be a good thing, I guess.) We'd been holding on to these books for so long that we needed to send three.

Fortunately! We had an envelope that we could reuse, thus accomplishing our purpose and helping the environment ever so slightly. Unfortunately, we did not have packing tape. So we had to go to the store to buy some...but the store didn't have any! They had a little label where the packing tape was supposed to be, but no packing tape for sale. They had lots and lots of Scotch tape, but Scotch tape is not really strong enough for mailing stuff, especially not across the country. So we were left with one option: duct tape. They had it in one color: hot pink!

So on Monday, we will be sending off a package that is sealed with hot pink duct tape. (Duck brand duct tape, so it's actually Duck Tape as well as duct tape.) The end.

Today I'm thankful for some form of strong tape being available at the store, being in a place where we could buy a box of donut holes, online places that give us approximate weights of manga volumes, having hope that someone in our ward might be able to help us fix our concertina, and having a lovely time at the ward lasagna dinner last night.
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