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I ♥ Zidane

Today was an interesting day. We were almost late to church because of making an evil trip to the ATM machine. It was kind of an ox-in-the-mire situation, since we had turned in a rent check yesterday and didn't have the money in our account to cover it. Since Mom was the one who drove us to church (and the ATM machine), we didn't have a ride home. This is usually solved pretty easily as there are a few people in the ward who know we don't drive and will ask us if we need a ride home. Today, that wasn't happening so much.

So we waited until after choir practice (perhaps it would have been wise to actually go to choir practice...), and still no one offered to give us a ride. I wonder if this was also retribution for our ATM trip. Or maybe for not going to choir practice. We knew that if worse came to worst, Mom's ward would get out and we could catch a ride with them, but we'd have to wait another hour on top of the one we'd just waited for choir practice. But then, out of nowhere, Kelly showed up, and though she was talking on her cell phone, we were desperate enough to interrupt her and ask for a ride. She had said hi, too, so it wasn't completely rude. And Kelly is the type to react in a, "Yay! I get to help someone!" sort of fashion, so we didn't feel completely guilty about it. And so we made it home safe and sound, and Oreo seemed to have missed us, which is very cute.

We read some manga, watched Glass Mask, and went off to play Final Fantasy IX. We liked the part with the four shrines so much, we played through it again, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with going back to an earlier file because we hadn't been thoroughly convinced that beating Ozma would require higher levels and accidentally saving over the file where we were already in Terra. Eheh. And then we got to right before the coolest part in the whole game, but it was only half an hour before Charmed, so we watched an episode of Gakuen Alice, which turned out to be the most adorablest episode ever.

And then we played the coolest part of FFIX, and fell in love with Zidane all over again. He's just the bestest!

And tonight I'm thankful for nice people showing up out of nowhere, making it home from church safely, Tony's frozen pizza, Reese's pumpkins, and chocolate chip cookies from Costco.
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