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Oh my goodness, we talked to Sarah about taking Logan to Disneyland last night, and all the emotions! Aaaaahhh! Of course, all three of us are really excited, but Sarah has to keep telling herself not to get her expectations up as far as her kids' reactions, because you never can tell if they'll be enchanted or terrified or just like whatever. As for Logan, she says he doesn't really understand the concept of Disneyland (makes sense; he's never been there), but he's really excited to see his aunts. I cannot express in words our reaction to that. The closest is probably, "Awwww♥♥♥," but even that doesn't quite capture it. It's hard, because we love to hear that he still really likes us, but then we're like, "I'm sorry we moved too far away!!!"

Then she told him that at Disneyland he can ride on rockets, and ride on Dumbo...and he started acting like he was ready to go RIGHT NOW!. But he had to wait.

Anyway, in other news, we just finished working on the Dice Killing Arc for Higurashi, and it reinforced our theory about being bored by stories about selfish people. Oh my goodness. We always knew that we didn't like Rika very much when she wasn't pretending to be the cute little girl Rika. Was it the Massacre Arc or the Festival Music Arc where she was just whining the whole time about how nothing has worked? We were like, "Really, you've been doing this for a hundred years and you haven't even tried any of the things that ended up working?" Okay, so apparently part of what worked was the fact that doing it over and over helped all the other characters channel the regret from the other worlds, so that kind of makes sense I guess, but the point is, Rika can be really annoying.

On the bright side, she learns to not be annoying in this arc, but she spends a lot of time being annoying first. ...And that's really all I can say about it. It's a nice little finishing touch to the series, but it was a bit of a challenge to translate for reasons that are not the usual reasons.

Today I'm thankful for Logan being excited to see us, the yummy cookies we had for a snack, having Nobuo Uematsu's signature on the sheet music we bought (and it looks like a real autograph, too--not just a photocopy!), getting to translate the last little bit of Higurashi, and not having to work overtime today.
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