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Whew, today was pretty rough, but fortunately only for the first part. Why? Because today was the very first choir performance since Athena was made choir director! Waaaaaahhh! (<--that's supposed to be a crowd cheering)

But it was a little more complicated than just showing up and waving her arm around. First, we had to get to the church. Our usual ride to church was still very sick, and even though she offered to drive us, we were like, "Dude, you have been sick way too long. Get some rest!" And we didn't want to try calling anybody else, so we decided we'd just walk. It's really not that far, but it feels far when you're awake earlier than usual and you're wearing church shoes (as opposed to shoes that were made for walking). Still, when we got to church, we were like, "Oh, that wasn't so bad."

Then we had to get the choir together to practice, and of course no one was there on time. I can't say as I blame them, though, because seriously. Eight-thirty is no time to be anywhere. So we just practiced the song over and over, and it got louder as practice went on and more people showed up. Toward the end, there were a couple of choir members who had been there since the beginning, but not practicing, so Athena started cracking down on them. (The funny part of that is that one of those choir members was the bishop, and after sacrament meeting, he sincerely complimented her for doing it.) It was about that time that the bishop's son, who was so rebellious at the first choir practice, hobbled up to the stand on crutches and said, "I got this."

Well, after all the practicing, the song was finally sounding like it was coming together, so all that was left was to wait our turn and perform it. So we did, and it was great! Yay! And a lot of people said later how much they liked it.

And that would have been a lovely ending to a stressful chapter of life, but it wasn't over yet. The Sunday School president had called Athena yesterday afternoon and asked if she could teach the Gospel Essentials lesson. So now she was in the spotlight again, teaching about covenants! Fortunately, the former Ward Mission Leader (who got released two weeks ago) was there, and he's always good at commenting. Comments are the best, because they make lessons interesting. And relieve the teacher of the burden of trying to be interesting and informative for the whole class period.

Then, finally, Athena was able to just sit and enjoy the rest of the day. And I got a break from playing the piano for Primary, too, because as a Mother's Day thing, it's customary to have the men and Young Women take over for the Primary and Young Women leaders. I actually would have been cool either way, because I love my calling, and in fact, I'm told that in lieu of a pianist, one of the Primary leaders' husbands brought a guitar with which to accompany the children, and I'm a little sad I didn't get to see it. The sad paradox is that if I'm available to see that kind of thing, I'm also available to play the piano, so no guitar is needed. Alas. It would be cool to have piano and guitar accompaniment, though...

Anyway, despite the nerve wracking that went on, it was a pretty good day, and to top it all off, one of the Relief Society ladies offered to drive us home. So now we are home and relaxing.

Today I'm thankful for the choir performance going well, the lesson going well, getting a ride home from church, the neat little scrubber doily things we got as Mother's Day gifts (apparently our ward leadership decided they wanted to give the women something that would last longer than a flower), and getting to listen to our Final Fantasy Piano Opera CD.
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