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Today has been a slightly difficult day in that we had to work despite the fact that not one, but both of the packages we were expecting arrived. And then, instead of working, we spent an hour talking on the phone with Celeste. But that was awesome, because we've been needing social interaction. We've been pretty popular, actually. Mom called to tell us about her Small World dolls, of which we're exceedingly jealous (she just started her collection with the Holland doll and the Japan doll), and Kimee called to ask about the 24-hour Disneyland thing that's happening in a couple of weeks. (I originally typed that as 240hour, and Athena said, "It might as well be.")

Anyway, we're putting off opening our shiny packages just a little while longer, because I have other stuff to talk about. Namely, Frozen. We'd sort of been thinking we needed to give that movie another chance, and if we still didn't like it at least try to figure out our own reasons why. The time to do that came last night.

We're still not big fans of it. Mostly, our reaction during the movie was, "Uuugh, this is boring!" But during the credits and after, we were able to talk it over and sort out why we thought that is. First of all, as usual, stunning visuals. I don't know why a movie can't have stunning visuals and still be interesting, but for some reason that seems to be the case most of the time. Maybe it's because of our constant need for dialogue, which tends to distract from the stunning visuals, or so directors seem to believe.

It was pretty funny, though, because when the movie started and they showed that saw from under the ice, Athena said (referring to the first time we saw the movie), "And that's when I knew: the visuals...would be stunning."

Second, we still really just don't care for the music. We're not sure exactly why, but we think the extreme repetitiveness has a lot to do with it. Okay, I get it, love is an open door. Yes. I know.

Finally, and most importantly, we didn't click with any of the characters, except, ironically (because based on previews I was definitely predisposed to hate him), for maybe Olaf. I thought this was kind of odd this time around, because I remembered liking Kristoff well enough the first time through, but now that we were watching it again, I was like, "Ugh, whatever." And I promise we weren't going into it determined to hate it! Although I do admit that I was predisposed in that direction. But we've watched things that we were predisposed to dislike and liked them anyway! I think! I think Weiss Kreuz was like that, but that was a long time ago.

So I tried to figure out what the problem is, and I think I got it, because it's the same problem with a lot of characters we don't like: they don't really seem to care about each other. For example, the scene that amused me with Anna and Kristoff the first time--this time I realized that he was just being a jerk to her and she was being a jerk back. It probably didn't help that somehow I got it into my head that when Kristoff kept repeating, "You can't marry someone you just met!" he was addressing not only Anna but other Disney princesses as well. When I get into Disney Princess Defense Mode, I tend to get overly sensitive.

Anyway, Athena explains it like this: they all seem to be a bunch of two-year-olds at a playground--they'll all playing in the same place, but not with each other, because that's just not a thing. Maybe it's because they haven't learned to communicate, or because they're too shy to socialize with people other than their immediate family members, but for whatever reason, they're all in separate worlds despite being in the same place. There's a great example of this in Frozen, when Anna "talks" to Elsa in the ice castle--they both start singing their thoughts over each other, and there's no successful connection of ideas, because neither of them is really trying. It's really annoying. And that kind of thing happens throughout the whole movie...oh my goodness, the trolls are the worst in that regard! None of them listens to anything except long enough to acknowledge that they need to somehow cancel any fact that might get in the way of the reality they're trying to arbitrarily build, with or without the consent of the people involved (re: Anna and Kristoff's impromptu wedding).

So anyway, the whole movie just seems to be a big long series of people not ever listening to each other, and then, "Oh! Of course, we're supposed to love." The end? We get bored with non-communication and refusal to compromise very quickly. That's why we hate babysitting.

But to end on a positive note, I do still like the message that performing acts of service (love) for others is a good way to save yourself. And I hate to admit it, but Olaf is pretty funny.

After the movie, we played Theatrhythm and felt a little better. And today! we finally got the package containing Theatrhythm: Curtain Call, so you can guess what we'll be doing tonight.

Today I'm thankful for the "How Frozen Should Have Ended" video, having our shiny new video game, having our stupid CD, getting to talk with family on the phone, and making good progress on work despite our late start.
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