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We're still playing a bit of catch-up after all our goofing around. It certainly does not help that we forgot to turn the alarm on and so ended up sleeping an extra hour this morning. Oh well, we definitely needed the sleep. The tricky thing about it is that I've been saving things to talk about for after we finished all our Disneyland reporting, and now I'm a little too eager to get to other things to focus long enough to talk about them. I can talk about one that I don't have a lot to say about, though.

See, after we turned in our Noragami translation, we were all, "Oh man, I want it to come out RIGHT NOW so we can tell everyone to read it and ask them what they thought of our localization!" And then we were like, "Uh...maybe we don't really want to know..." And then we thought, "No, really, we should know, either way, because if it's bad, you need to know so you can fix it!" And THEN, we were all, "Wouldn't it be neat to, like, have conversations about localizations and what makes them good and what makes them bad and how they can be improved upon? And then we (whoever 'we' are) can all have super awesome localizations and it will be the Golden Age of manga translation!"

...Okay, so maybe it wasn't exactly like that, but still! Wouldn't it be neat? I wonder what the best format for that would be. Maybe like an LJ community or something. Hmmm... Any ideas? Would anyone even be interested? We have a hard time getting people to join communities, so maybe someone else should form a community. Or maybe there already is a community and we just need to find it and join it! Anyway, if you know anything or have any thoughts, opinions, etc., please let us know!

Today I'm thankful for making decent progress on work despite everything, Amazon Japan having a less expensive shipping option these days, memories of the Royal Theatre giving us fun ways to react to things, still having some super yummy Ghirardelli chocolate, and having an emergency bag of chocolate for when the Busy Time comes.
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