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Whew, today has been a long day. It was totally our own fault, though. Gaston knew we had work to do and so was partly planning to go back to Disneyland without us, but we were like, "No, we can totally handle it." So we went to Disneyland, and then ended up working until ten-fifteen to get our work done. I think we're a little ahead of schedule, but we're currently on standby for a lot of work that could hit any day now. And since we didn't get our new video game in the mail, we figured why not just work?

Anyway, we went to Disneyland yesterday and today. This last trip wasn't quite as eventful as our birthday trip, but there are some awesome things worth mentioning. For example, we were on our way to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad when we came across the most adorable safety hazard we've ever seen in the park. We were just getting to the place where the walkway comes up along the Rivers of America, and we saw a bunch of guests standing around and some cast members doing guest control for no apparent reason. When we got closer, we saw that a couple of Canada geese had wandered onto the walkway with their goslings. The cast members were there to keep the guests from getting too close, because the mommy and daddy geese were obviously very protective of their goslings. One of them hissed at Gaston.

They had one of their animal experts on the way to help take care of the situation, but they didn't show up before the geese broke through the cast members' barrier and started walking toward Big Thunder Ranch. The cast members followed and did their best to keep the guests away (for their own safety), and Gaston (who watched the proceedings a little longer while we tried to find a hidden Mickey with Alice) says one of them almost got bowled over by an oblivious guest pushing a stroller, once again proving that strollers are the enemy.

Another highlight happened on Star Tours. We hadn't been on Star Tours in a while, so we didn't realize that the cast members started adding their own little touches to the pre-ride show. After everyone was seated and they did the safety check, we heard someone come on the PA system and say in a fake-sounding voice something about how a meteor shower was delaying our flight. This announcement was followed by a short commercial: "This flight is sponsored by Wookie Cookies--they're always a little Chewy." Finally, we heard the following exchange (or something similar): "(in a Stormtrooper-ish voice) I think it's him." "Yeah, he looks just like the guy in the picture." "...Is this microphone on?" "Yes, wh--"

And then the ride started. It was pretty awesome.

The other highlight came this morning, when we were Not going on Space Mountain because the line was too long (even though the whole reason we were going back today was that we hadn't gone on it yesterday, there are rumors of it shutting down for an upgrade, and Gaston wanted to make sure to get on it before that happened). We headed toward Main Street, where we saw the Disneyland Band marching along...but they were on the wrong side of the hub to be going along the parade route, and they didn't take the other most expected route, which would be through the castle. They were heading toward Frontierland. Athena asked if we should follow them, I said yes, and Gaston seconded the motion.

So follow them we did--right onto the Mark Twain! So we rode around the Rivers of America while the band played Disney music. It was awesome. First they played a medley, and I guess it could have been a Critter Country medley, because it had Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (Splash Mountain), Winnie the Pooh, and the Ballad of Davy Crockett. Then they played the Ballad of Davy Crockett as a stand-alone, and then! they played Just Around the River Bend. We were pretty excited, because we were on the river! It was so fitting! ...And clearly, we're easily amused.

But the most important highlight of them all came from a phone call that came while we were still following the band to the Mark Twain. Mom had already tried to call twice, and I missed it both times, but she had some important news. (Athena tells me now that she discovered Mom had tried to call her, too.) And that news is that she finally made some solid plans to bring Logan to Disneyland! Oh my goodness, we're so excited. We went to the Tiki Room (because we still had time before our Space Mountain fast passes kicked in), and the whole time we watched the show, we were like, "Oh my gosh, Logan is going to love this!" It's animals! And they TALK! Oh man. At least, I hope he likes it. And I hope he doesn't get scared by the scary part at the end. I remember getting scared by it when we saw it for what seemed like the first time at and I wonder if we actually had seen it when we were younger but our parents didn't take us to see it again because we freaked out too badly the first time... I don't know. We'll probably be consulting Sarah on everything (duh; she's his mom).

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Disneyland with friends, the most adorable safety hazard at Disneyland (though I must confess, the ducklings are cuter than the goslings), getting to see ducklings as well as goslings, the super cute ducklings hiding under a plant near the queue area at the Winnie the Pooh ride, and Jacques Cousteau the Duckling Diver (we saw that one at California Adventure).
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