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Logistical nightmare

Oh man, last night was unreasonably stressful, where by "unreasonably," I mean I'm pretty sure the issue was not worth all the stress I felt over it. But anyway, things were already shaping up to be logistically awkward as far as a ride to church was concerned, because there was talk of Gaston and Alice going to church with us. And our neighbor who usually drives us to church just moved, but she was still planning to drive us to church every week, but it seemed like there was a definite risk of some confusion, especially if, on her first week living somewhere else, we said, no actually someone else will be driving us to church. It seems like that kind of thing can be cleared up really easily, and yet I feel like it's more likely to get somebody thinking the whole church transportation arrangement has come to an end. And I also feel like we never get enough time to speak to make sure everybody knows all the details. Oh well.

Anyway, that problem was cleared up with a text from our regular ride to church. She's still very sick, and so would not be going to church today, and could we find another ride. That would have resolved that matter perfectly...if Alice had not also been sick, thus moving her and Gaston's trip plans back a day. So now we had to find a ride to church, and for some reason the thought of calling people and asking for rides stresses me out more than a great many other things. To make matters worse, while we do consider many of the people in our ward to be our friends, we don't feel like we know any of them well enough to impose on them like that.

There was only one person I thought I might could call and all would be well: the former bishop (you know, the one who came to our apartment and installed a desk). Still, I put off calling in the hopes that someone, for some reason, might call and give us a chance to ask them for a ride while we already have their attention. It was really tough, too, because I was like, "Maybe someone will need me to play the piano for a special musical number. ...No, it's fast and testimony meeting!" I had two or three other scenarios like that, but I can't remember any of them anymore. They all ended up being no good.

Anyway, at eight-thirty, I finally braced myself and called...and got Brother M.'s voice mail. Well, I'd had enough stress already, so we figured we might as well walk to church. (Normally not a bad idea, but Athena's been recovering from a cold, too.) But! Brother M. called back! Which, in and of itself, is not really worth mentioning. He was out of town and unable to provide transportation himself, but he gave me two names of people I could call. So I called the first one...and got voice mail. I called the second one, and he answered the phone, "Hello, Sister Nibley!"

That threw me off, because usually when I call people, I start out by introducing myself, but he'd already taken that out of the equation, so I totally lost my rhythm. It worked out well, though, because it turned into kind of an ice breaker, where I was able to explain just what I just explained. I figured he probably saw my name on the caller ID, but then I remembered I'd never called him before, so why would his caller ID have my name? Well, as it turns out, not only did Brother M. give me suggestions for who to call, but he called those people himself, too. It kind of blew me away to think of someone being that helpful. I worry, like, "Oh no, is this a trap!?" I think I've had too many bad experiences, but the point is, it really meant a lot to me to have someone be so helpful.

And the happy ending is that we made it to church without overly exerting people, and then we had a famous person sit next to us in sacrament meeting. It was pretty funny, because it was someone we knew of, but not anybody we ever paid much attention to, so we weren't sure if it was really him. And he seemed to kind of want to drop hints to say, "Hey, everybody, it's me! I know you've heard of me!" without actually telling people (when he stood up to bear his testimony, for example, he only gave his last name--but he did stand up). So after the meeting, Athena pulled up the iPad to look up the famous person we thought he was, and sure enough, it was him. And then we were amused.

Today I'm thankful for Brother M. being super helpful in helping us get a ride to church, getting a ride to church, getting a ride home from church (the people who drove us to church would have driven us home, but they weren't in the choir, and we had to stay for choir practice, since Athena is the director and all--we're singing next week!), getting to take home some fancy bread for bread day, and getting to brag about sitting next to a famous person at church.
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