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Happy our birthday!

Technically, we're supposed to be at a Relief Society activity right now. It doesn't start until...later (six? six-thirty?), but we've been asked to help set up. We said we could do it, but we'd like a ride, so we got a ride and were told it might be helpful to call and remind said ride of the obligation, and we were like, "Blaaah, phone calls." So we figured we'd just walk if he didn't show up, but we're so tired and sore from all the time we spent on our feet yesterday that we're thinking we might rather just not go. The theme of the activity is "pamper yourself," so I think it would work either way. On the other hand, we did agree to help set up. Hmmm. (And then our ride showed up, and we went, and came back and did some research.)

Anyway, yesterday. It started out kinda rocky, but once it built up some momentum, it mostly kept getting better and better. Of course we went to Disneyland. We've told several people recently that we did not move to Disneyland just to not be at the park on our birthday. It was a bit of a treacherous journey, because it was really windy, and I even saw a branch get blown off a tree! But eventually we made it and as soon as we got through Disneyland's gates, we went to City Hall to accomplish our first objective: obtain birthday buttons. I don't know if they're called buttons or pins or what these days, but they're those big round things you pin to your clothes, and the birthday ones say Happy Birthday and have a banner where you write your name in. These are important birthday accessories, to let the Disneyland cast members know it's an extra special day.

So we went to City Hall...and found out they were out of birthday pins. What. The park had only been open for like ten minutes at best, and they were OUT of birthday pins? How is that even possible? Bad form, Disneyland. Bad. form. The guest services guy offered us "...Happily Ever After!" pins instead, but we turned them down. More thoughts on those later. I figured if that was a bust, we might as well see if we could do something extra special, like ride the Lilly Belle. I don't remember if I've mentioned it before, but in case I haven't (or you haven't already read about it on Facebook or somewhere), it's an extra fancy train car that you can ride in, but you have to ask special. Apparently that's all it takes, but we have yet to see it actually happen, because when I asked the train guy, he said the Lilly Belle wasn't operating today, and wouldn't be until, like, summer or something. So, since the next train wouldn't be coming for another ten minutes, we watched the fancy mechanical xylophone thingy, which was cool but didn't have enough of the xylophone itself in the musical routine, and left.

I meant to write a lot more about that, but today turned out to be a lot busier than we'd planned. So more on that tomorrow, I hope.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have a great birthday at Disneyland, having a pretty good time at the Relief Society activity, finishing all our research, the super cute Riku costumes they have available for Kingdom Hearts [chi] avatars, and the nifty mechanical xylophone thing they have at the Main Street train station.
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