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Oh my gosh, you guys, we actually finished Noragami today. Turns out it was actually a really, really good thing we ended up putting off our final reread, because it wasn't until Saturday night that I realized...okay, so remember how I said we knew the edit was going to take a long time when we realized that any time there was any hint of a double meaning, there was a strong possibility both meanings were being used? Well, in all our checking and re-checking and re-re-checking all the words that seemed important to the story, there was one word we hadn't even looked up once: nora. Oh, that's okay, it's only in the title--it's not like it's important or anything. Palm, meet forehead.

So we were able to rectify that this morning, and we found out some pretty interesting meanings for the word. You can read all about it in our translation notes of Noragami volume 1, on sale this September! (Unless it gets delayed. That seems to happen to titles we translate sometimes.)

As expected, the final edit didn't take very long, but we're still really nervous about it, because we get that way when a translation is specially difficult. We've read it, and we think it's fine, and even pretty good most of the time!, but you know. It's just a thing.

After that, we got started on a new Harlequin manga, and oh my goodness (<--exasperated). When I was talking about Harlequin manga and I said they were dangerous because it seems like all the women are all, "It's okay to be promiscuous and careless--he won't make me pregnant unless he's The One!", I thought I might have gone a little overboard with the exaggeration (although it was actually Athena who provided that description). But then there was this book, and the girl was all, "When we're married, are you okay with having children right away?" and the guy was all, "You know I'm not using birth control." We think that means condoms in his case (haven't yet done all the research on the terminology), but the point is, I was like, "What did we JUST say?" For crying out loud.

And that's one of many reasons we think romance novels are way more toxic than Disney princesses. In any case, let's all remember that it's fiction and not something to model your life after.

Today I'm thankful for Cadbury Creme Eggs still being available and on sale, finally finishing that Noragami translation, remembering to look up the word nora before finalizing the script, Page's adorable face-smooshing, and getting to talk to Mom on the phone today.
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