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A translation is never finished

Wow, I actually feel like we've been productive today. Not only did we finish the preliminary translation of the episode of Mujin Wakusei Survive we were working on, but we also finished the prelim for the first volume of the new series we're working on for TokyoPop.

So now here's a little behind the scenes on how we work. When translating something, there's always some line (usually many lines) that's hard to translate. It might be because someone's talking weird or using strange vocabulary, and we're not sure how to reflect all the nuances in English, or because they're referring to something that happens later, or that's flashed back to later. Or because we're not sure if the person they're referring to is male or female, or even a person. There are all sorts of things that bring about uncertainty.

After discussing the line for a while, we decide that we don't currently have the brain power to deal with small details and want to go on with the overall story. So we highlight the line, and when we're done with the whole volume (or episode, now), we go over the whole thing again to make everything better. Hopefully, this makes for better translations. And now you know.

So on Monday, we'll go over stuff and fix things up, but for now, I feel like we got a lot done, even though we didn't make it to the bank to deposit that check, or work on cleaning the bedrooms. Tonight I'm thankful for productivity, fun manga artists who draw adorable little charicatures of themselves, said charicatures, manga based on video games, and the highlighting feature in Microsoft Word, even though it doesn't always like me.
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