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Oh my gosh, you guys. Just...oh my gosh. It''s just...ugh. Just...ugh.

We realized we might need to work a little past our normal quitting time, but we were sure! we would be able to finish Noragami today. Second draft and third draft! And in fact, the day started out pretty well. Maybe a little slow, but pretty fast for Noragami editing. Then at lunchtime...the phone rang. Actually, it rang for the second time, but we didn't make it to the phone in time to answer it the first time, and we figured if it was important, she would call back. She didn't for a while, so we thought maybe she'd gotten somebody else, or decided she didn't need babysitters after all. On the one hand, I want to say we should stop luring ourselves into a false sense of security, but on the other hand, we have a very difficult time dealing with life in general when we're afraid we'll get a call asking us to babysit any second.

To be fair, the babysitting job was actually very easy today. The little girl asked for Kingdom Hearts, and actually sat and watched it. And it was an especially interesting experience for us, because she decided she was tired of roaming around Destiny Islands, and she wanted to try Chain of Memories. So we actually heard the English dub of Chain of Memories for the first time ever. It was really weird hearing Sora's voice--like watching The Sword and the Stone, and hearing the various ages of Wart's various voices. We may have just been overly judgmental about the translation sounding very translaty, but I'm too tired to think any more about it.

The only problem with the babysitting job is that it went for three hours. And we had at least three hours of our day job to do, and after spending all week on Noragami, we were so looking forward to finishing it! So now here we are, at ten o'clock, finally done. (We took an hour and a half off for dinner and Kingdom Hearts [chi].) And let me tell you how much I loathe Grumpy Cat right now. I never cared for the trend to begin with--I think people who think it's cute to hate everything need an attitude adjustment. I mean, sure, it's fine as a character in a bigger series, but having a show all to himself...not really diggin' it. And then there came the Grumpy Cat birthday party ads. I want to punch them repeatedly in the face. They're all over all our dictionary sites, which we're checking constantly as we're very carefully trying to choose words for this translation--even the Japanese dictionary sites!

And just having the ads around wouldn't be a problem; we're pretty good at ignoring them. Oh, but those clever ad designers. They make it impossible. If I just happen to accidentally roll over the ad, it opens up a video, which is annoying enough with its sound overlapping my happy, makes-me-not-want-to-kill-things music. But when I close the video the sound won't go away! It's the most aggravating thing ever! I'm really hoping that Grumpy Cat's birthday will be over by the time Monday comes around.

Okay, I'm done ranting. Despite the difficulty and time consumption, I really did enjoy working on Noragami today. But we didn't get to read over it a third time. That's going to have to wait until Monday, unless we're feeling extra productive tomorrow and happen to have time (not likely--I'm playing for a baptism and odds of babysitting happening are high). But! on the bright side, we got a paycheck, and a new bank card in the mail. We'll probably be able to pay rent! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing our second Noragami draft, babysitting being relatively easy today, getting our new bank card, getting a paycheck, and kind bosses who are willing to push rush deadlines back a couple of days. Next week is promising to be very busy. We just want to have time to go to Disneyland for our whole birthday.
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