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Kirie and the little girl

Oh my gosh, you guys, we actually made decent progress on our Noragami edit today! We would have made it through a whole chapter if we hadn't also had UQ Holder to work on today! Probably! It's just a little extra hard because I'm going through a "self-conscious about dialogue writing" phase right now. That's the problem with translating something that has been translated by someone else in one way or another (subtitled anime, scanslation, etc.). Since we know there is something to compare it to, we want to make sure ours is at least as good. And because we're snooty like that, we want ours to be better (especially when it comes to scans, those dirty rotten...). So I think that's one of many reasons Noragami has been stressing me out. But it is really fun, too, so it's really not that bad.

Anyway, speaking of UQ Holder!, I wanted to talk a little about Kirie. When we translated the most recently published chapter of UQ Holder!, it was almost like it was channeling our life...and mostly in relation to Babysitting. Not to say that the little girl, like Kirie, starts acting like a terror the minute we're left alone with her; she's pretty consistent in her terrorism, and mostly only gets really bad when it's time for us to part ways. It was almost endearing, the one time we went to her place to babysit last week, and her dad came home, so we left, and she started crying, "Don't ever leave!"

So mainly the similarities between Kirie and the little girl are that there's any terrorism to begin with, that Kirie is bossy, and that Kirie wanted to step on Tota's face six times. Because during the course of her games at our apartment, every so often, between games, she'll remember we have a cat. We keep Page in our room with the door closed, and both the kids are really good about staying out of that room (although in our most recent babysitting adventure, she tried to get Athena to open the door by saying there were ghost fish in our room, and they had to go in there to get them (they were collecting provisions); Athena countered by saying if they were ghost fish, they could swim through the closed door), but when the little girl remembers the cat, she very politely asks, "May I pet your cat, six times?"

So when Kirie specifically wanted to step on Tota's face six times, after she had already been bossy for a little while ("now bark like a dog!"--so much like the little girl), we were like, "Whoa."

Today I'm thankful for a super fun chapter of UQ Holder! to translate, evidence that it was not our Kamigami no Asobi playlist somehow slowing our editing progress (although we have been listening to that and only that for four days, so maybe we'll listen to something else tomorrow (maybe)), getting to order Theatrhythm Curtain Call (maybe not the best financial decision, but our birthday's coming up!), making it through almost a whole chapter of Noragami editing today, and more story updates in Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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