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Well, today is a day of being very grateful to delivery people who are willing to go the extra mile. Turns out the reason we'd been waiting so long for books is that our address is easy to write down incorrectly. The guy who delivered our package today was willing to look at the address and, realizing that the address on the package didn't exist, figure out what address it might be that really did exist. And so he found us and we can finally get started on our new assignment! Yay!

We also had to send an email to our editor in the hopes of preventing future mix-ups. Today's delivery guy told us that any other delivery guy would have seen that the address didn't exist and decided that the package was undeliverable. Sigh.

But since we had a chapter of UQ Holder! to translate today (which took extra long because Akamatsu had to go and include a map of the Tokyo area), and I have a stake Primary thing to go to this evening (that I have to go to early because the person driving me is in charge of setting up), we decided we didn't have a satisfactory chunk of time with which to get started on the new assignment, so instead, we came to LiveJournal to tell everyone not to worry, the Kamigami no Asobi game is soooo much better than the anime.

So we finally got a chance to watch the Kamigami no Asobi anime last night, and we were like, "Wow. This is even ridiculouser than the Uta no Prince-sama anime." Actually, it's...not...I think? It's just...the pacing is very odd, and the...everything is just odd. It's just odd. It's like...why. I can't say I'm totally opposed to them having a naked transformation sequence for Apollo, but maybe it was a little over the top. And that would have been okay if they were just going for having a silly good time...but then for other things they went waaaay over dramatic. Why can't Zeus turn the lights on in his office, I ask you. Why? And Loki! Loki is so serious! It's just so wrong for Loki to be that serious all the time.

So overall, our opinion is that it looks like they took some silly aspects of the game and ran with them waaaaay into left field, and then they took the serious aspects of the game and ran with them waaaaay into right field, and we're left in the middle going, "Where did my beloved game go?" First of all...if none of them know why the heck they're at the school, why are they all (except Yui) wearing the uniform? (In the game, Yui was the only one who didn't have any idea what was going on.)

And Balder is all Baldery from the very beginning. And not good Balder. You know which Balder we're talking about. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, because on the one hand, at least nobody's deceived, but on the other hand, when he wasn't being all Baldery, he really was very likable. He does fall over enough, which is important, because one of the highlights of Hiroshi Kamiya's Balder is the noises he makes when he falls over. We were pretty sad when, in the opening sequence, they were all running, and Balder stumbled a little. We thought he should fall over completely, at which point Loki (who was behind him) should have leap-frogged over him. Seriously. In the game, there was a part where Balder proudly tells Yui that he made it to class and only fell over fifteen times. (So apparently the anime people didn't run away with all the silly parts, probably because that silly aspect requires more animation.)

We understand wanting to make it a little different from the game, because all the fans of the game have already seen the game, but the way the visuals work in the game, they could have just had pictures to illustrate the proper staging and it would have been novel enough for us. Like the one scene where Yui is discussing the entrance ceremony with Apollo, Balder, and Tsukito, and we got to see where and how everyone was sitting/standing during that discussion. That was one of the scenes that was well done in the anime. (Apollo was sitting on the stage! Tsukito asked if they'd need a sacrifice for the ceremony!)

There are some other good points. We were amused at how Hades is hiding all the time, and whenever Yui even tries to approach him, he very emphatically tells her to stay away. Getting involved with him will only bring misfortune. (We're still playing with our own personal translations for "fukou.") And the music is just like from the game, only in HD! And of course, all the voice actors. Except that, of course, Anubis isn't in it yet. (We did get one or two glimpses of him. But he hasn't said anything. And even though we had been led to believe that they would all be singing the theme songs, "all," as usual, excluded the Egyptian gods.)

Okay, I think I'm done ranting now. Except to say that we wish the translator had used pixie for Yousei-san instead of fairy. It sounds cuter, and Yui is Tinkerbell.

Today I'm thankful for wonderful delivery guys who go the extra mile, finally having the book we were waiting for, getting to see the KamiAso anime, getting to translate another fun chapter of UQ Holder!, and the Easter egg hunt going on at Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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