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There are lots of strange noises going on outside today. But at least now that we've put the plush snake back on the floor, Page has stopped trying to sit on the keyboard. For now, anyway.

We're still on book watch today (we're going to have to start emailing people if it doesn't show up soon), so we're taking advantage of the time off. And that includes telling everybody about Thoth, or as we like to call him, Sephithoth, because he's voiced by the same actor as Sephiroth. And because...well, Thoth. But there's all kinds of fun to be had with Thoth's name, because the Japanese pronunciation of it is Toto. And he makes Yui call him Toto-sama.

Oh, incidentally, we've been reading a book that's sort of about Egyptology, and it quoted a text that made us think, "Well no wonder Anubis hates people so much!" The text said something about how, like, only one in seven thousand souls is judged as good. And speaking of Anubis, once we got his endings, we were wondering how they were possibly planning to top that--everyone was happy. All the gods graduated, Anubis was super happy, Yui was a goddess, even Thoth was happy. And he's usually indifferent at best. Well, it turns out they decided not to try. get Thoth's story, you have to finish everybody else's story, and then start all over again. First you choose student council or clubs (doesn't matter which), then you choose on second thought nah, and then you get another choice, which is for Yui not just to teach the gods about humans, but to learn about gods herself. Zeus says she can only take time out for her own studies after she's ensured graduation for all the gods (except Anubis, who is still exempt from classes in this version). So the story fast forwards past her convincing everyone to go to class, having study groups, etc. Six months later, she can finally start studying about mythology! Yay!

So she asks Thoth for help, and he's like, "No. Do it yourself." But he does say he'll pitch in a little bit every so often if he feels like it. And then we have a whole bunch of Yui going to the library and being ignored (Thoth lives in the library, so even though he's not there to help her, he's there), until she tries to stay longer than Thoth wants her to (she's so close to finishing her book! (which of course is about Egyptian mythology, because Thoth's deliberate ignoring of her has her curious about him)) and Thoth has Anubis bounce her. So she tries to improve the relationship with food...a plan which fails miserably because Thoth is pickier even than we are (but is a lot meaner about it, because he refuses to admit it, so it's like, "No, I just don't like food prepared by a mortal." Jerk.)

Well, eventually all her efforts pay off, and Thoth assaults her. ...I feel like I'm forgetting some important stuff in the middle. Right, I remember. Thoth asks her some questions in an attempt to make her feel real awkward and therefore go away, but she doesn't go away, so finally he decides to have a conversation with her, after which he reveals that he has learned two things about her. Yui was surprised, because the whole conversation was about Thoth (she was the one asking the questions, but she forgot all the mythology questions that she supposedly wanted to know, because she was just too interested in Thoth). The two things he learned are first, as people go, she falls into the "good" category. (We were like, "Well, thanks?") And second, he's now very sure that she likes him. Then he assaults her. He pins her to a bookshelf and says, "If you like me that much, why don't you teach me about love?" and he kisses her. The jerk. But it wasn't as annoying as with Balder, because he makes no pretenses of being a gentleman. Still bad, just not annoying.

Then Yui really does start avoiding him, only without feeling bad about it like she did with Balder, and of course now Thoth is unhappy about it, even though that's what he wanted to begin with--Yui to go away and leave him alone. But now he wants to see her, so he embarrasses her in front of the whole class and then makes her go to the front to solve a problem (I'm assuming something math related). Before she goes back to her seat, he whispers to her to see him in the library after school. We were yelling at her to take a friend/bodyguard, but of course she didn't. We were relieved to see that Anubis was there...but then Thoth made him run along and play in the snow (which of course he had never seen before).

Fortunately, Thoth was too tired from all his meetings to be all passionate and stuff, so instead, he just used her shoulders as an armrest. It was really annoying, because he was all, "Come sit next to me," and she did, and then he put his arm around her, and there was a still with her looking very uncomfortable, and I was like, "You better remember all the friends you made at this school, because you'll need their help when you finally decide to get out of this abusive relationship."

Then Thoth reveals that he's been dismissed as a teacher. We were like, "Well, you kinda brought it on yourself you stupid jerk." But it was way more complicated than that. Okay, not complicated but...

See, they decided to just cancel school altogether. Zeus and Thoth wouldn't tell anybody why--they were just like, "Shut up and go home." But Yui couldn't accept it and went to the library to see if she could convince Thoth to tell her what was going on. He was hoping she'd do just that, and he explains to her that the school was built to help the gods be more friendly to humans, and that just wasn't an issue anymore. "Like, they solved the problem?" "Don't be stupid." Apparently, there's been a prophecy that says the humans were going to destroy the world, and so as a countermeasure, the gods were just going to destroy them all before it happened. No humans, no need for gods to learn to be nice to them.

So Thoth, in a rare show of consideration, asks Yui what she thinks of the whole business, and that's where the Thread of Fate shows up. We thought we'd go with the worse(?) ending first, so we had Yui say, "Yeah, humans probably do deserve to be destroyed." So as a special favor, Thoth takes her to Zeus's room so she can watch the end of her race before being destroyed herself. Before they proceed with the mass-killing, they let her offer up some last words on behalf of mankind, and she basically says, "Yeah, I know we've done a lot of bad things, and I just want to say...I'm sorry." And they're like, "What!? You're not going to make excuses or beg for your life?"

Then, the hourglass that tells when mankind will be ripe for destruction starts...the sand in the hourglass starts moving backwards. Yui has saved mankind! ...For now. (It doesn't go back that much, and Thoth points it out.) So they were like, "Well, I guess this school still has a use after all. Let's get everyone back!" And Thoth says, "This time, I'm going to teach you about true love," and we're like, "Whatever, pal."

So then we go back to get the better(?) ending, and we have Yui say, "I don't think you should destroy humanity." After getting the other ending, this had me wondering, because if self-sacrifice was what saved mankind before, how would begging for her life make the ending better?

Well, let me tell you. She says, "I don't think you should destroy humanity," and Sephithoth thinks about it, and he says, "You're right. It wasn't the mortals. The whole system is messed up. I shouldn't just destroy mankind. I should destroy EVERYTHING!" So he morphs into his god form, which is actually a lot like Sephiroth's one-winged angel getup, with similar coloring and shirtlessness, but with two white wings, because Thoth is apparently an ibis. And he activates some kind of destruction spell that knocks Yui so far out of the library that she finds herself outside. She makes her way back and tries to talk sense into him, and he says, "I'll make a deal with you. I can save you, or I can save everybody else." And the game even lets you choose! But whatever you choose, Yui comes to the conclusion that she can't sacrifice the entire world for herself--what good would being alive be anyway if there's nobody to be alive with?

So she says, "I choose the world," and Thoth says, "You're lying!" and she says, "Nuh-uh," and she steps into the destructo spell and is erased...we may or may not remember her last words being "I love you" before her mouth was erased. And Thoth, for some reason, was very shocked at this turn of events. He was really hoping she would choose him over the world, and we were like, "You know, for a god of wisdom, he's really not very bright." And also, "I'm sorry, but you're really just not worth that." It's sad, too, because I don't hate him as a character, but man. That was just not smart.

At the very end, there's a scene with Yui's family starting their day like usual, only with something missing. And that missing something was responsible for saving the world.

Yeeeeah, we weren't too happy with that being the last ending we got in the game. So we started the prologue again, and there weren't any new choices, and we were like, "Really, game? Really?" So now we're going through to get 100% of all the stories (the game keeps track of how you answered each question--once you've given every answer option, you get 100%), to see if maybe that will unlock something to make it all better. If not, we may have to play through one of Anubis's endings again.

But on the bright side, it should be safe for us to start watching the anime now.

Today I'm thankful for making it through all the main stories in Kamigami no Asobi, having a lovely evening with Mom last night, having some time to relax today, getting to read manga last night, and not having to go grocery shopping anymore.
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