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Good times

And now we have seen Chicken Little. It was about as good as we expected it to be, which was pretty decent. We'd probably say it was better than Home on the Range. There were some really funny jokes, and some not-so-funny jokes. The characters were all really fun, but the story could have been better. And Fish Out of Water is the best.

Mom liked it more than she thought she would, which I think it a good thing, because somehow I've gotten it into my head that Mom's opinions are about the same as the general public, and it's people like her that are contributing to the decline of animated movies. So hopefully the fact that she liked it means that more people will start to like animated films more. Of course, the best way for that to happen is for people to start making better animated films again, but there has to be an audience.

There was one kiss in it, and when Kimee quoted the line leading up to it, Mom commented that she felt that part was (she couldn't come up with a better word) and the movie could have done without it. Dude, I think the kiss in Hercules was more gratuitous.

The town looked almost exactly like Disneyland's ToonTown. There was a scene where Chicken Little was running around, and Athena was saying in her head, "There's the glass factory, there's the electric company..."

I noticed in the credits the name of only one of the animators I have come to associate with the really good animators they had working on all the classical animation at Disney. I'm hoping this means the others are still there working on classical animation, and not that I haven't been paying attention and they've all retired or resigned. Maybe when we finally get Cinderella or Tarzan on DVD we'll find out.

We may have to see Chicken Little again because we noticed Scott Menville listed as one of the Additional Voices. I'm disappointed I didn't just hear his voice and know it was him.

When we got home, we sat down and finished the epilogue to Lunar2. The ending was sweet (the warm fuzzy kind), and then we got to listen to outtakes. Hiro's were really fun--his dub voice is very cute. Apparently he got into phases where he would just have to bawl Ruby out. It reminded me of when we would play various Final Fantasies with the Posse. "I'm not gay!" "Shut UP Zidane!"

Good times.

Oh, and I have to say, I think Ronfar is one of the best white mages ever. I mean, when he heals everyone, he says, "Happy hour!" You can't beat that.

And tonight I'm thankful for Chicken Little, Pizza Hut express, Ronfar, outtakes, and being able to see the end of Lunar2.
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