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Can it be true?

We're kind of stunned today. We're at an almost complete loss. We were fully expecting to be babysitting this morning, because our neighbors are packing up to move (still nearby) at the end of the month, and the father said he'd need another day for the garage. I guess since the packing is going a lot faster than expected, they decided to give us a break. It's also true that he never specified that that other day would be today. But the point is, we got up early so we'd be ready when/if they showed up...and they didn't.

Well, that's okay, we should have a chapter of UQ Holder! to translate or something, right? Wrong. We have no UQ Holder! today, and we're on book watch for our next assignment. So we're like, "Can it really be true? Do we actually have a day off?" The elusive, almost mythical day off we've been wanting for so long, finally here?

And now we just don't know what to do with ourselves. There are so many things we'd been wanting to do on a day off that we don't know where to start. Not only that, but we did get a heads up for a ton of work in May and June, so we're thinking we might want to get as far ahead as we can on the work we already have...but the only materials we have are a couple of volumes of Missions of Love, the first of which isn't due for two months. (Not that it would be a bad idea to turn it in anyway, so it's definitely still an option.)

We've also considered the option of going to Downtown Disney and spending the day watching all the movies we've been interested in seeing. We're not sure that's such a good idea for our finances. And there are a couple of side projects we've been wanting to work on, a bunch of anime we're interested in seeing, a ton of reading we want to do... But of course, most likely we're going to spend a lot of time playing Kamigami no Asobi.

That being the case, how about some more Loki endings?

We started off in the game yesterday going to ask Loki what the deal is with this whole "killing Balder" thing. We got pretty much the same explanation as in the Balder story, only this time with added backstory, to show why it hurts Loki so much, but why he has to be the one to do it. Once upon a time, Loki had a bad relationship with his father in the land of giants, so he ran away to Asgard, where everyone hated him because the Asgardians hate giants. But then one day he met Balder, and Balder was his friend, which was something Loki needed very very badly. Then an Asgardian (or someone; he didn't specify) hated Loki so much that he tried to kill him, but Balder got in the way and said, "Kill me instead!" Well, of course they're not going to kill Balder, because Balder, so everyone was saved and Loki owes Balder his life etc. etc.

And then Loki was crying, and there was a really sad still of it, and oh poor Loki. (The actor who plays Loki is pretty amazing with the emotional scenes. We're going to have to start remembering his name. Yoshimasa Hosoya.) So even though he knew what he had to do, he still asked Yui what she thought, and that's where the Thread of Fate showed up. Of course we wanted to get the bad ending out of the way, so we said he should not kill Balder (this is a bad decision because it's kill Balder or kill the world).

After that, Yui is so distraught over the situation that she goes home and cries to her roommate...and then falls asleep, and mentions dreaming as she falls asleep, so that and the old-time movie filter used at the beginning of the next scene indicated that what was about to happen wasn't real. Yui goes to school and is cheerfully greeted by Loki and Thor...and then there's a bright flash of light, and they're like, "It came from the nurse's office! Let's go!" When they get there, Balder is about to start destroying everything, but Loki's all, "No, Balder! I'll save you with the power of our friendship!" and he blasted away all uncontrollable light god power? I don't know, whatever it was that made Balder destroy everything. And Balder was saved! Yay!

So all the Norse gods and Yui are like, "Now we can do whatever we want, and not worry about tragic partings and stuff! Let's go to the beach!" So they did, and Yui suggests they go swimming, but Thor is like, "Nah, Loki hates water." (He's a fire god, after all.) But Loki doesn't talk back like they expect him to...he just stares off into the distance. Something's not right about that, so they try to get his attention, but to no avail. He just keeps staring and says, " great..." or something that might sound better but means the same thing.

Then there's a scene change, and they're at the Norse gods' dorm having a dessert an attempt to snap Loki out of his catatonic state. A week ago, they did see a flash come from the nurse's office, and they went to confront Balder...but Loki really did have to kill Balder, and as a result he lost his heart. So he's been staring into space saying, " great..." for a week, and nothing Yui or Thor could do could snap him out of it. All they could do was mourn the loss of Balder and Loki.

So that was another really terrible ending (man, the Greek gods and Tsukito totally got our guards down--these endings just get worse and worse! but like Apollo, his "worst" ending was just that he went to spend time with his uncle. "oh no! you're building a family relationship!"), and we had to go back and do what we could to make it better. So we went back and told Loki that he should kill Balder. But Yui was able to put it very nicely, going with the euthanasia angle. She was like, "Balder loves this world, so if you really want to save Balder, you'll save the world that he loves, and that, in turn, will save his heart." That really touched Loki, and he was able to pull himself together and resolve to do what had to be done. He tells Yui she's going to be alone in the club room for a while, because he had preparations to attend to.

Meanwhile, Thoth is giving a bunch of lectures about humans' relationship with death. Is it to prepare the students for the inevitable loss of Balder, or...?

Finally the day comes where Loki is ready to carry out the deed, and he asks Yui to stay with him no matter how bad it gets. Well, it's really not so bad at first. Thoth has let Balder out of the nurse's office for a day, and Balder in his eternal optimism chooses not to think that it's because he's about to die or anything like that. He just wants to spend the day with his friends, so that's what they do. After a really nice day of hanging out, they're all lying on the grass, gazing at the clouds. Loki suggests it's time to go home, so he gives Balder a hand up...and stabs him in the chest! Balder didn't know what was happening, but the sadness in Loki's eyes and his cry of frustration tell him that whatever Loki is doing, he's doing it because he knows it's the right thing. So he spends his last moments comforting Loki. Finally, he whispers something that Yui can't hear, then he turns into sparkles and vanishes.

Yui sees the fatal weapon fall to the ground and wisely grabs it real quick. Loki catches her and says, "Give that to me." "No!" "Give it to me! I'm going with him!" "No! You made me promise to stay with you no matter what, and now I'm going to save you from yourself!" (This is almost not paraphrased at all.) It was such an emotional scene! And Loki cries because the last thing Balder said to him was "thank you," but in the end he doesn't kill himself, and he's able to come to terms with everything. They all graduate, and before they part ways, Yui says thank you to Thor and Loki, and Loki's like, "You forgot Balder!" And he says that, even though they're going to different worlds, they will always be together--all four of them. Awwwww! I'm tearing up just remembering it.

And now we've gotten all the endings for the six characters that were available at the beginning of the game. They still won't let us turn Anubis's voice on in the options. But I did notice that they made sure that every set of gods had some connection to death. (I haven't mentioned it because it hasn't been important to any story, but Takeru sometimes attaches himself to Hades, because he figures the lord of the dead can help him find his late mother.) We'll see if that all has some significance when Anubis shows up. We'll also see if there's a big finale ending where they're able to combine all their powers to save the world and Balder.

Today I'm thankful for having free time today (still not sure it's real), getting a break from babysitting, pictures of cute kitties on giant snake plushes, being ready to start Anubis's storyline (assuming we can figure out exactly how to get to it--we've had trouble with unlocked love sim characters before), and the assurance of more work in the future.
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