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Oh man, I think we might make it. The last couple of days have been more stressful than they should have been, by which I mean stuff happened that stressed us out--not because it was inordinately stressful, but because we have bad attitudes. (You have to say "bad attitude" with a bad attitude.) What it all boils down to is...well, because we have bad attitudes, we like to say it boils down to the fact that we hate kids, but the truth is we're selfish and want to spend all our time playing video games that small children would find exceedingly boring (even if they were old enough to read fluently, these games are not in English).

So we've been babysitting. We're always happy to help out, and we never want our friends to feel like they shouldn't ask us for help, but right now we feel like whining. The little girl locked everyone out of the bathroom. I had to use an old Fresh & Easy friends card to pry the door open. Timeout was not an easy experience. ...Okay, it was kind of easy once I got the bathroom door open and was able to shut her in there so I didn't have to keep putting her back in the timeout spot (something that became a fun game to her). She cried really hard in an attempt to get me to let her out, but it didn't faze me too much (she almost got me when she said she hurt her finger, but I figured she could deal with the pain for another two minutes; I'm heartless like that (there was no finger injury, anyway)). After that, she was really good, though. And now I can attest to the fact that a stern timeout will not traumatize a child.

Okay, I think I'm done whining now. It's looking like we'll have plenty of time to play video games today after all, so I really don't have much to complain about. Except that we should probably do laundry today, blah.

But anyway, we got Loki's romantic endings last night. And he's adorable.

There wasn't a lot left before the Thread of Fate showed up. Loki took Yui to see Balder so he could report on their new relationship status, and Balder said he always hoped they would end up as a couple, awww. (Incidentally, we checked Balder's profile last night and his birthday is the day before ours. More and more I'm annoyed at how annoying he is in his own story.) Then there was a scene that involved Loki giving Yui some candy, and then when he and Yui each had a piece of candy in their mouth, he decided to trade. We really could have done without that scene, but the still was really cute...even if we don't like thinking about where Loki got that candy from (he's sticking his tongue out in the still). I figure Loki probably could tie a cherry stem into a knot using just his tongue.

Then it was time for graduation, and while they were doing the final preparations for the ceremony, Thoth comes along and, unlike with all the other characters, tells Yui he wants to talk to her in front of everybody. So Yui goes to talk to him, and Loki says he'll be waiting in the club room. Of course Thoth said the usual, and this time we chose to go to Loki's world, since he had already been so excited about the idea before. And right after Thoth leaves, Loki jumps on Yui and tells her he couldn't wait for her, so he went to get her. Yui is annoyed at the fact that he's in such a good mood--doesn't he realize that they're supposed to be saying goodbye soon? So she decides she wants to turn the tables and play a trick on him, and not tell him that she decided to go to Norse Mythology World.

Meanwhile, we're like, "Uh, duh. He was in a good mood because he overheard your conversation." For crying out loud, he's the guy that knows everything about everybody. (Well, except for the thing about Yui being human, but that's because he didn't want to know that.) Also, we were like, "Wow, if he listens in on this conversation, that's gonna make it really awkward when we tell Thoth we're going back to the human world." I figured that, since that's where the story changes, they'd just make it so the listening in never happened.

Anyway, they graduate and right when Yui is trying to figure out how to finish her trick and tell Loki the good news, Loki is like, "So you're coming with me, right? I totally overheard you." And her trick was ruined. Oh well.

Then they go to Norse Mythology World, and there's a really cute scene where Yui and Loki are waiting for Thor and Balder because they had plans to go see the aurora together, and Yui's all, "Wow, they're awfully late. How unusual for them." And Loki was all, "Aww, Balder's probably just falling a lot. Who cares? Let's go without them!" I was a little worried here, because if Balder is unusually late, doesn't that mean that maybe he, like, died, or turned into a weapon of mass destruction or something? Turns out, Athena was right and Loki just told them the wrong time. Unfortunately for him, they decided to get there early, y'know, in case Balder kept falling down or something. And then they start teasing Loki about how maybe Yui could come do things with Balder and Thor instead of Loki, and Loki was very cute in his refusal. (The difference between Loki's selfishness and Balder's selfishness is that Loki makes no pretense of being unselfish, and if Yui does protest, he respects her wishes. Balder loses on both those counts.)

And then we decided to destroy Loki's happiness and get the other ending. (I don't think any of the romantic endings are actually "bad," though. Except maybe both of Hades's.) So we told Thoth that we were going to go back to the human world, and this time Loki really was waiting in the club room after all. And Yui felt really bad about actively choosing to not go with Loki, but she didn't say anything and meanwhile Loki says he's okay with having to part ways, because he feels like it's not the last time they'll see each other. He said, "I have no reason to think that, but I do anyway," and we were like, "We got your reasons right here. Their names are Apollo, Tsukito, Takeru, and Balder."

So they spent one last night enjoying each other's company, and then it was say goodbye *sniffle*. Balder and Thor went on ahead so Loki and Yui would be able to say goodbye...and then Loki revealed that he really had been listening in on her conversation with Thoth, so he was like, "Are you sure you don't want to come with me? I know you can!" and she was like, "I...I just can't." So he was like, "Then I'll go with you!" And he convinced Zeus to let him go with Yui, which brought up a very important question about Loki's memories. Yui never remembers any her year at the school after she goes back to the human world, and somewhere in someone's story it was mentioned that it's impossible to take memories of the school back to the human world. With all the other gods, they were able to remember Yui because they went back to their world first, and then found a way to hers. This time, Loki was going directly to the human world. Maybe he'd keep his memories because he's a god, but maybe not! What will happen!?

Here's what happened: Yui gets back, and it starts out exactly the same way as every other "back to the human world" ending...and then she hears a commotion out front, so she goes to check it out, and there's a bunch of people standing around, staring at the androgynous redhead collapsed on the ground. The redhead wakes up and says, "Where am I...?" Then he jumped up, and she commented on how beautifully his hair moved. He turned in the direction of her voice...then grabbed her hand and ran off!

When they finally got a sufficient distance away, he revealed that he didn't know why he ran off with her, but he couldn't stop himself. So we were like, "Okay, so he doesn't remember her...but does he remember him?" Y'know, because if they're not supposed to remember the world of the gods at all...

And he said he didn't remember anything about himself, but he felt strongly that Yui was the reason he was there. Awwwwwwwww! And of course, she didn't remember him, either, but she felt strongly drawn to him, too, so she agreed to stay with him. Awwwwww!

I don't know what it is, but I really like that kind of story. I also think it could be a pretty awesome beginning to a story, because how is that all going to go down, if he starts to remember that, oh yeah, I'm Loki!

So after that, we had a little bit of time, so we started going for Loki's non-romantic ending. The main thing that happened there was that, instead of following Loki to make him feel better about Balder's illness, we stuck with Thor and Balder to find out more about it. All we learned was that Balder pretended it wasn't a thing because he didn't want to worry anyone (he was so good at it that Thor was all, "And you've been so much healthier since we came here!" and Balder was like, "*whistles innocently*" and Thor was like, "Aw, man!"), and a conversation with Thor later, in which he reveals that Loki is destined *gaspies!* to kill Balder. But he wouldn't tell us why--we have to ask Loki--and then it was the end of the chapter and getting close to bedtime, so we decided to read mythology monologues instead.

That's where the torment really started. Remember how I've been saying all this time that there have been almost no hints of Anubis's existence? Well, the loading screen picks one of the gods at random to show a super cute chibi version of...and this time, for the first time ever, it picked Anubis! Aaaaaahhhh! We've been so eager to play Anubis's story all this time and now we're sooooo close! But we had to go to bed! And then get the rest of Loki's endings! And then it seems like it would be so cruel to say, "It was fun, Loki. Now meet my new boyfriend!" And all these love sims are sadistic enough to have the characters say, "I just hate to think of you with anyone else." And remember Loki's first romantic ending? On the other hand, when you start going through another character's storyline, the old characters don't care about you nearly as much anymore (although when we were going after Tsukito, I did sense some jealousy on Apollo's part, but then it was cool because he joined forces with Loki).

So in that sense, it's probably better that we took extra time to babysit. Now Loki can have his happy endings a little while longer. Probably until tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for the little girl learning not to lock doors (she started to lock a door later, and I said, "No, don't lock that," and she was good the rest of the day), having chocolate chips for an emergency sugar fix, Loki's super adorable endings, finishing our work pretty quickly, and Loki's song.
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