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Pirates and tricksters

As I mentioned yesterday, we did some babysitting today. This time, the little girl found an empty paper towel roll, which put into her head the idea of playing Pirates. She determined that she was Captain Hook, and Athena was Mr. Smee, and they went in search of treasure while I hung out in the bathroom, holding her little brother up so he could play with the light switches. So there the two of us were, minding our own business, when a couple of pirates raided and stole our treasure. Baby brother wasn't too disturbed by the ordeal, so he kept playing with the light switches while I listened in on the pirates.

I heard Mr. Smee say something like, "I don't want to eat the treasure! I think it will give me a tummy ache, Cap'n!" to which Captain Hook replied, "It's just cracker treasure." That was sufficiently convincing, so both pirates ate the treasure...and then Captain Hook fainted. A minute later, s/he woke up and started attacking Mr. Smee. Apparently he'd been transformed into a monster. The monster came back to the bathroom island and attacked me, and then finally Captain Hook regained his wits and felt really, really bad about what had happened. The little girl came into the office and sulked, "I just feel really, really bad about eating that treasure." She even apologized to me for taking the treasure, and then I said something that I don't remember, and then she pretended to spit the treasure back out and return it to me. I was like, "Gee...thanks."

All in all, it was a pretty fun babysitting adventure, but it came to a tragic end when we had the bad timing to present the giant Costco snake plush right before the little girl's father returned to retrieve the children. So he had to drag her away, kicking and screaming, while we managed to get to work. And now we're finally finished with work, so soon we can do what we've really been wanting to do all day, which is play more Kamigami no Asobi.

But first, I have stuff to say about Loki. Assuming I can remember any of it. It feels like so long ago we last played...

Let's see...first you have to decide to do club activities...oh right. After Yui arbitrarily decides that they're going to see about an astronomy club, Hades goes to get some reference material, and that's when the Thread of Fate shows up. This time, we were finally able to see what Loki was up to. (Not that we weren't actually able to before, but before it just seemed like Hades would be so sad to be left alone, and then we wanted to go in order.) Actually, it turns out he wasn't up to much for once. So Yui tried to get him to do something, and he's like, "Uh, on second thought...can I go look at all the other clubs?" And Yui gets dragged around to every single club, all of which turn out to be too boring for Loki, until he gets to the club he really wanted to join all along--Balder's tennis team.

Thor pointed out that Loki should have just been sunao and gone there to begin with, and he was right, because so many people had already applied to the tennis team (Balder's screaming fans) that they couldn't accept anymore members. So Loki challenged him to a tennis match, of course on the condition that if he wins, he gets to join the club, and because he has no qualms about cheating and Balder trusts him so implicitly that he can get away with it, he almost succeeded...and then Balder said that if Loki wins, he has to be the team captain, because he can't make anyone else quit, so he (Balder) will just let Loki have his spot on the team. And then Loki's all, "Pfft, whatever. This is stupid." And gives up on the whole idea.

Of course he's not interested in any other club, but Yui is desperate to make sure everybody graduates, so she recommends a bunch and he's all, " boring," and she's like, "At this rate, you'll end up in the go-home club!" And he's like, "Hey, that sounds good!" So he decides they're both in the go-home club, and she's the president! He even goes so far as to instigate an athletic meet so that the winner can choose the best club room...which of course he doesn't need, because he's in the go-home club, and he takes going home very seriously, because he wants to be the ace of the go-home club. According to Thor, he spends all his extra time building traps for Balder.

Yui was hoping that he would use all the extra time to study instead, so she and Thor form an alliance to try to get Loki to go to the club room. The plan that finally worked...well, Thor pointed out to Yui that Loki always wants to be the center of attention, so she deliberately started talking to Thor in front of Loki, and ignoring him. They ignored him so well that he threw a temper tantrum, so Balder took everyone out into the hall to mediate. They explained that Yui and Thor were worried about Loki's graduation prospects, and he was like, "Thanks, but I totally don't even care." Finally, Yui comes up with the idea to say that if Loki studies humans, he can come up with better pranks, and now he's in. Yay!

So things are going so well that Yui says it's okay to take a day off from club to play in the snow. Then there was an epic Norse god snow battle, which also had a lot of adorableness, because Balder showed up and he and Thor immediately teamed up against Loki (which Loki said was totally unfair, because the snow won't hit Balder because of that whole immortality thing), so Loki decided Yui was on his team and then disappeared, leaving Yui at Thor and Balder's mercy...but then Balder fell into a pitfall (created by Loki), and somehow they took Thor out, and they won! Yay! And then there was a super cute still of the four of them lying in the snow, and Yui said, "I hope we can all four be friends forever!" and they're all like, "Forever?" and the still changed so that all the Norse gods were like, "......" And then they all went home very awkwardly.

So then things were very awkward for a long time, and Balder stopped visiting the go-home club, and finally there was a confrontation! And Balder was like, "It's better if you forget all about me," and Loki was like, "Nuh-uh!" and Thor was like, "Yuh-huh!" and Loki was like, "I hate you all!" and ran away. So Yui goes off to cheer him up, and they go on a walk, which turns into a terrifying bike ride, which ends in a crash on the beach. Yui was sure she was going to break a bone or something, but Loki caught her and was all, "Dude, why didn't you use your powers?" (only not so obviously). And then they built sand castles, and Loki conjured up the aurora because he didn't want to go home, and Yui was so tired from everything that she fell asleep. When she woke up, Loki was all, "No, it's cool, man. We have ten whole minutes before we have to get to school. We just have to fly!" And Yui was like, "Uh...can't fly." And Loki was like, "Whoa, really? Why not?" "Uh...because I can't...?" so he carried her back to school...and nearly gave her a heart attack by deliberately dropping her once.

At some point in all of this, Yui realizes that Loki is a little schoolboy who shows his love by tormenting people. Apparently it was so bad even his parents avoided him, and that's why he's so obsessed with Balder--Balder doesn't avoid him. And that's why he freaked out when they got to school and Thor said, "Guys, it's Balder! He passed out!" So they go to the nurse's office, and that's where Yui finds out about Balder's "incurable illness." No word yet on whether or not we'll get the "real" truth in Loki's story.

So then there's a repeat of the whole, "It's better if you forget all about me." "Nuh-uh!" "Yuh-huh!" "I hate you all!" run away thing. I think this is where the Thread of Fate showed up again, because Yui wants to follow Loki, and Thor's all, "Are you really sure you want to get involved?" We decided to go with our usual pattern and go for the romantic ending first, so off we went to follow Loki.

Yui finds him in the club room, and they have a conversation about how he can just give up and accept Balder's fate, or he can do whatever he can to change it. So they go back and tell Balder everything's cool now, and now Loki and Balder have a new promise. (Oh right, before they promised that they would be BFFs. Earlier, Balder was like, "That promise was a long time ago. Get over it.") So they renew their promise to be BFFs, but Balder says he'll only accept it if Loki agrees to spend time for himself, too, because there's someone other than Balder that's a little more important to Loki. And Loki's all, "Wha...?" and Yui's all, "Wha...?" and Thor is all, "*knowing smile*." (Balder is soooo much more likable in every story but his own. ...And maybe Hades's. He's just not in Hades's story very much...but there was a mythology monologue about Hades trying out a new joke on Balder. "Apollo drops his lyre. Ah! *poron*" (Poron is the sound of dropping a lyre, and in Japan they usually spell Apollo with an N at the end; this game is no exception).)

Moving on, Yui and Loki are studying and Loki's like, "Man, I wish we didn't have to say goodbye when we graduate. ...I know! You should just come with us!" And Yui's like, "But I can't. I have to go back to the human world..." "Ah ha ha ha! Human world! That's funny!" "Um...but I am human." "Wow, you're like the funniest person ever!" "No, seriously." "Wait, what? But you can't be human. I don't like humans." "Well, sorry, but..." And he runs away again.

I can't believe I forgot to tell about the first prank Loki played on Yui! It was so cute! He pretended to be asleep in the club room, and when she let her guard down and got close, he grabbed her and kissed her! But the cute part is that when she got mad at him for it, he was so sorry! It was super cute. But maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, Loki started avoiding Yui, but one day Thor made him come to class. That's where Thoth caught him and said, "If you don't shape up and improve your grades, you'll be at this school forever!" And he's like, "Forever...?" And then he stopped going to class in earnest. (Not that he stopped "attending earnestly," but that he earnestly "stopped attending.") Yui caught him on the roof first, and said, "You have to come to club!" and he's like, "Why? Do you like me that much?" and she's like, "Uh..." and then he starts avoiding her in earnest.

Finally, Yui sorts out her feelings and realizes that she does like Loki, and that he was avoiding her because she so viciously refused to answer his question, so she immediately goes to talk to him! But of course he's not around, so she talks to Thor instead...and then Loki comes along, and he's trying to be all cool about it, and like, "Whatever, I don't care." But then Thor's like, "Well, since you're avoiding her and all, maybe I'll just spend all my time with her," and he puts his arm around her. And Loki's all, "You get away from her!" and Thor's like, "Why? You don't care." And Loki's all, "...Because!" And he runs away. We think. That's probably what he did, because that's what he does. So Thor, being the amazing friend that he is, sets up a meeting for Yui and Loki by telling Loki Balder wants to see him.

So finally, Yui is able to tell Loki that she loves him, and oh my goodness this scene! I don't think I can do it justice, and they're almost guaranteed not to do it in the anime. See, Loki was avoiding class because it was the only way he could think of to never have to leave Yui--never graduating meant never leaving. He's fed up with all these fated departures. Yui tells him she loves him, and he tells Yui he loves her...and then his fetter comes off! *pain!* And Loki's all, "Why? WHY!?" (Loki's fetter is a choker, too, so the change is very obvious.) Oh, it made me tear up. Just...imagine something awesome and bittersweet.

Neither of us remembers how or if they got past the angst, but then there were a lot of cute scenes with Loki being all, "Now that we're boyfriend and girlfriend, we should come up with nicknames for each other!" (It might have been like, "Well, since we don't have a lot of time, we should at least make the best of it.") And then we had to stop playing because it was bedtime.

Today I'm thankful for Page using the giant snake plush for a bed, getting to watch the women's conference last night, getting to hear Jim Cummings read Darth Vader lines in his Winnie the Pooh voice, having ice cream, and having time to play video games today.
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