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Despite not working today, we have been very busy. We had to go to the store, and we had to do the chores we'd been neglecting, because! we're having the missionaries over for dinner tonight. We're a little nervous about having people over at all, and especially for dinner, but we've been assured that they love pizza, so we think it will be fun.

In the meantime, I have a lot to say about Balder. Oh my goodness, Balder. He definitely fits in with our general opinion of most Hiroshi Kamiya characters. I thought that opinion had changed since watching Angel Beats and Noragami, but no.

Okay, so we last mentioned Balder when we were on the summer vacation beach trip and he was being all "I wish you'd worry about me as much as you worry about those random nobodies." Soon after that, Yui realized that it would be very late by the time they got back to school, so they should seriously leave, like, right now. Balder was like, "Nooooo. Let's stay the niiiiight." And without giving Yui a word in edgewise, he rented a little cottage, which fortunately had two bedrooms. Then he did his homework while Yui gazed at his profound beauty (ugh), and then he decided it was his turn to gaze at her. He picked Yui up and carried her to the couch, and there's a still of the two of them with Balder's hand dangerously close to her breast, and he started trying to make out. Yui wasn't very cooperative in this endeavor, and when he noticed she didn't like what was happening, he stopped--not because he cared about her feelings, but because he didn't have the confidence that he could hold back if he went any farther.

So, even though it was way too early to go to bed, and they hadn't even had dinner yet, he decided to go to bed. He went in his room and made it a point to lock the door, and it didn't seem like it was because he was afraid someone would give in to temptation. This raised all kinds of questions, like, "Are you a vampire? Are you a werewolf? What's going on!?" I mean, he is obsessed with meat, so... Later, Balder took Yui out on a boat and lost track of time, and totally freaked out because he didn't think he'd make it back "in time." Loki met them on the beach and helped Balder get to his room, then stationed himself outside the door so Yui couldn't look in on him. What was happening!? ...And then we had to take time off to visit relatives.

I should also point out that, while on the boat, Balder asked Yui to pinkie swear that she would stay with him always (or at least until graduation), and he promised to love her to the end of his life. It would have been cute if he weren't such a whiny baby jerkface.

Next, they decided to have a Christmas market. It took us a little while into the chapter before we were like, "Christmas? Is there gonna be mistletoe? Is Loki gonna kill Balder!?" (We realized later that this is like the one and only story we know from Norse mythology.) We probably would have liked that storyline better. Instead, we had a bunch of Balder being all depressed because Yui was joining the Japanese gods to set up a booth for the market, and then the ughness. Apollo came up with the super awesome idea of reenacting the lantern festival from Tangled (especially amusing because the song is called "See the Light," and Balder is the god of light), and that was all very nice Balder, like Flynn Rider, took Yui to a more secluded spot (only not on a boat) to watch the lanterns, and while she was looking up at the magical lantern scene, he decided he didn't have time to wait any longer--he wanted Yui RIGHT NOW!!! So he knocked her onto the ground and started getting more than a little creepy. He refused to let her go until he had her heart and her body, and the whole time we were like, "Okay, Loki, you can come save her now. Loki? Loki! Thor? Thoth? Apollo? I don't care, SOMEBODY COME STOP THIS!!!"

Finally Loki showed up and pulled them apart, and said, "Balder, you better stop that for your own good," and takes Yui back to her room, where she is advised by more than one person to keep her distance from Super Creeper. Loki decides to help Yui out in this endeavor by monopolizing all of her time, which of course makes Balder jealous. That turned out to be kind of helpful back when Loki took her to the same spot where they had the lantern festival, and is all, "Do you love me?" and she's like, "Uh...?" and he grabs her and refuses to let her go until she answers, in a scene very much like the uuuugh scene with Balder, only without a fancy still, and we don't think they ended up on the ground this time. And we're like, "What is WITH you Norse gods? Ugh!"

Fortunately(?), Balder's jealousy had gotten to the point where he couldn't take it anymore, so he shows up just in time to stop Loki...and then they argue with each other until Balder's fetter can't take it anymore, and Balder transforms into a god and starts destroying everything. (Loki was all, "You better run if you don't want to die.") Eventually he runs out of steam, and they're able to talk again. Apparently, Balder's got some kind of a bizarre illness that makes it so the fetter can't limit his powers as well as it's supposed to, which is why he has to lock himself up at night--somehow it's weaker then. The disease is also what makes him destined to die, so that whole immortality thing is just a bunch of hogwash...or just keeps him from dying until the illness gets him or something. He says something about how he thinks it's inevitable that a god of light would have such an illness, and Loki says, "You just go ahead and think that, buddy," and walks off, and Yui's like, "Wait, what?" And that's when the Thread of Fate appears!

So you can choose to follow Loki and see what he knows, or stay with Balder to get the romantic endings. We were much more interested in finding out what Loki knows, but we decided to save it for later, so we stayed with Balder. And Yui's all, "I'm sorry I avoided you all that time even though I promised to spend all my time with you," and we're like, "Even though it was your own darn fault for nearly raping her," and Balder said something that I didn't bother caring about, and then it was on to the last chapter before the endings.

This chapter was pretty laid back, but did have a pretty hilarious twist. Loki's not ready to give up on Yui (which is still baffling, because he didn't care about her AT ALL except to be annoyed that his BFF wanted to spend time with her), so he takes her to the roof and gives her one last chance to choose him over Balder. So if you choose him, he says, "Words aren't enough. I need to seal this promise with a kiss--close your eyes." So you close your eyes...and he strangles you. And Yui dies. Game over. (We were like, "Seriously?" Yes, seriously, apparently.)

Balder was in pretty bad shape after using up all his power, so they took him to see Thoth, and I guess Thoth got Zeus to up the power on Balder's fetter because that issue never came up again, even though the main content of the chapter involved an overnight trip (for the school year finale, they decided do a class trip), which included a scene where Balder sneaks into Yui's room in the middle of the night and says whiny annoying things about how he wants to spend all his time with her and he wants her to be just as obsessed with him and blah blah blah shut up. At least the kissing noises were pretty innocent, and it was kind of cute how he insisted that she call him Balder minus the -san.

And then they graduated, once again Thoth gives Yui the option of going back home or joining Balder in the land of Norse mythology. We chose the former first, and it was the same ending where he suddenly shows up and Yui's like, "I don't know who you are, but I'm strangely attracted to you." I was a little surprised that he didn't act deeply hurt to find out she didn't remember him. Oh, but before they parted ways at the school, Balder takes Yui to that same stupid spot again, and they remember the night of the Christmas market, and he actually starts talking about how he was really self-centered and thinking only about himself and stuff, and I was like, "Is this an apology!? Yay!" But he ended it with, "I just loved you too much," and I was like, "Fail." No. Forcing yourself on someone is not something you do out of love. Somebody needs to punch this guy in the face repeatedly. I just want to take his beautiful long hair and yank on it as hard as I can. Stupid annoying little...

Anyway. I was also surprised that Balder lived long enough to find Yui again, but apparently he didn't. He said something to her about how he'd died. Not sure how that works, but I guess it's not that important. And I have to admit I thought it was a little cute when he suggested she come up with a new name for him, now that he's in his beloved Japan. (When he came to the school, either Tsukito or Takeru told him about Japan and he fell in love with it.)

If you choose to follow Balder to his world...I thought it would be funny if there was a very touching death scene, but it's probably for the best that it wasn't. Or maybe it wasn't, because instead, it was just Balder being whiny again. "Don't look at the scenery, you're making me jealous! Look at me! Meeeeeeeee!!!" Jerk. At least the costumes were really pretty in that still.

It's a shame, too, because until we played his storyline, we really really liked Balder. Plus he's like our great great great great great great great great great great ... great grandfather on our mom's side. That's okay, though, because this game is just someone else's representation of him (assuming he even really existed). Anyway, he'll probably still be likable in the anime.

Today I'm thankful for getting our chores done, getting to sleep in this morning, getting caught up on some of our TV shows, getting to order pizza tonight, and being done going to the store.
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