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*poing poing poing poing*

Today we get to see Chicken Little!!!!! Yay!!!

I still have issues with the whole CGI versus classical animation thing, but dude, Chicken Little is adorable in the commercials. I admit it, I am easily swayed by cuteness. But that was never a secret. It does have to be genuine cuteness, though. Some people try to be cute in an effort to get in our good graces and we just don't buy it. I think we might also have unusual standards of cuteness. I still think of Sabretooth from X-Men the movie as a giant teddy bear. He really was adorable!

Oreo's been following us around all day. He's so cute. He likes to lie down on people who are using blankets (for some reason Athena is the only one whose lap he will lie down on without a blanket), and we had the balcony door open for him so we were freezing, so we were sharing a blanket. Then he came in and sat down on top of both of us. All we have is a loveseat. It's to be expected that we would be close enough that a cat as large as Oreo could sit on both of us at once. And, since both of us like to have cats sitting on us, neither of us wanted to make him move, so we were pinned to the couch for an hour.

It does seem like watching the Cosby Show at three is getting to be a problem though. By the time it's over, our room, which is the darkest one in the apartment and the one with our computer, is too dark to work in, but not dark enough to turn the lights on. For some reason, having artificial lights on while there's still plenty of daylight does weird things to my head. I feel like I'm getting a headache. So then we have to wait for it to get darker, but by that time, either there's an episode of While You Were Out that we haven't seen, or crazy people come and take us away. An hour before we expected them!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

...and that's before artificial lights start messing with my head. It's a good thing we're getting out today.

So yeah, Mom came over an hour early yesterday and told us to get dressed up so we could go to the thing. We would have been dressed already, but we didn't know she would be here. Why weren't we already dressed by six? We're freelance! We don't have to get dressed! It's like Shigure told Yuki when he came out and said good morning and Yuki said it's four o'clock, try getting a normal sleep schedule: "I became a writer so I wouldn't have to." That, and we like our nice warm PJs. And now you know what the outburst about people coming early was about.

Also, we were watching Gakuen Alice today and saw Noda-sensei for the first time. When we finally figured out who played him (by reading the credits--one of these days we'll learn Mamoru Miyano's voice), at first we were like, "Riku is Noda-sensei? That...doesn't work..." Though he is the Japanese dub voice of Percy Weasley, so I guess it isn't completely out of the blue. And then we realized that Miyano-kun is younger than us (hence the -kun), and that he's playing a teacher, and now we feel old. I like to be able to call voice actors -kun though. But when we get to Japan and are voice actresses ourselves, we'll be calling him and Irino-kun -sempai (if they let us, if we ever work together *crosses fingers*), because that's just too amusing.

Hmm... it's five o'clock. We should probably get dressed.
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