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Adventurous weekend

Today was supposed to be a laid back day, not a "work overtime and not even finish everything" day. Oh well. We always knew UQ Holder! was going to get tricky when the fighting ended. We were also hoping to finish a volume of Sherlock Bones, but we just settled for researching all the references in the massive flashback collage at the end of it. We should be able to finish it tomorrow.

Aaanyway, in hindsight, it occurs to me that the polite thing to do would have been to make sure to update the day after the big earthquake to make sure anybody who'd heard about it wasn't too worried. On the other hand, we figured most of the people who heard about the quake were in Southern California, or else in Fresno, where we were visiting, so anyone who would have had an opportunity to be worried wouldn't have been worried for long. But anyway, there was a big earthquake Friday night. We hear it was a 5.1, and we also hear that it might have been a fantastic idea to head over to Disneyland right afterward, because everybody else was really freaked out and went home, so there would have been no lines. (There were a lot of people from out of town.)

As for us, we managed pretty well. It was funny, because we had been at Disneyland earlier that day, and we saw Captain EO, after which we had a brief discussion about how we like it because the whole theater rocks to the beat of the big battle music video at the end. Then we were sitting around playing video games, and the whole apartment starting rocking just like the Captain EO theater, and we were like, "We don't like it that much!" Page got pretty spooked by the whole experience, but she recovered pretty quickly. We were a little worried about leaving her for three days after that, but we'd already bought our train tickets.

So on Saturday, we got on a train and went up to Fresno. Gabriel's baby blessing was on Sunday, so it was a good reason to go up there and see everybody. We had a good time talking to everybody about how things are going, and TV shows and movies and stuff, and of course we spent a lot of time with Logan. He didn't see us until church on Sunday--his parents brought him to church, and he was wandering around, doing his thing before the meetings started. When he finally got to the chapel, he was across the room from us, but Sarah pointed us out. After staring blankly for a minute, he pointed at us and said, "Thea!" (Sarah told Athena later that, since he heard we were in town, before church he asked, "See my Thea?" Awwww.) After that, he was really really shy until we started playing right before sacrament meeting.

...I'm a little too tired to finish writing about our trip right now, though. There are Things going on, and I want to conserve brain power. Needless to say, we went to the zoo. There will be more on that later.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go see everybody, that earthquake not being a foreshock, making it safely there and back, having plans to someday soon go to the Rainforest Cafe for dessert, and all the people who were kind enough to drive us to and from train stations. (Sarah came with Mom to pick us up from the station, and she brought Michael, who looks soooo different now! It's like...before, he was just a baby, and now he's got a personality showing, or something. Michael and Gabriel both have more baby fat than Logan did (Logan was a skinny kid), so I'm like, "What's with all the fat babies?" And then I remember that they're normal-sized and Logan was really skinny.)
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