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Today we decided to blow off work and go to Disneyland, despite being pretty eager to get our work done. But we had been planning to go sometime this week since last week, and today was our last chance, because we needed to get a certain article of clothing for our newest nephew before we left for Fresno tomorrow. Fortunately, they finally had it in decent sizes today. Unfortunately, we're still not sure how to pace ourselves when we go to Disneyland these days, so now we're completely exhausted. Nothing really eventful happened, though, so I don't have much to report. Oh wait! We did see the Disney Jr. show for the first time. It was alright, I guess.

But I do have stuff to report about Balder. We've been really eager to get to Balder's story in Kamigami no Asobi, partially because we have a bit of a thing for Norse mythology (despite knowing very little about it), partially because of his personality, and partially because we couldn't remember whether or not Loki killed him in the myth. Back in Apollo's storyline, he mentioned being immortal, and we were like, "Wait, but doesn't Loki kill him? Eh, don't remember." And then we noticed how much Loki seems to like using him as the target for his pranks, but that could just be that he can pull off some more spectacular pranks knowing that Balder can live through anything. I don't know.

Anyway. Balder's personality has intrigued me since we started playing this game, because he seemed like such a typical Hiroshi Kamiya character. Then I thought about it a little bit more and confused myself. Balder is actually the typical prince charming type--nice to everyone, mild-mannered, friendly, helpful, but not too show-off-ish or anything. Like Yuki from Fruits Basket, only without the fear of touching women.

Some of you may remember one time we were writing about Kamiya-san, and we said that all his characters needed to have their heads stepped on. With a Gundam. And yet somehow, Balder seemed so typical of Kamiya-san characters. It was weird.

So last night we finally got to his storyline, and once again we were doing stuff with the student council. And we went on a field trip to the meadow, which Balder suggested because there are so many plants to enjoy looking at. He even points out a pretty pink flower, and when Yui sees him with it, she thinks how beautiful they look together. She says as much, and Balder makes some comment about how the flower is beautiful, unlike himself. And we and Yui are like, "...Huh?" So apparently Balder's got some dark secret. Yui's like, "No, you're beautiful, too!" and he's like, "But is it real beauty?" And then he changed the subject...either that or that was when everyone noticed how hard Apollo was trying not to look at the plants. And we were like, "Oh, Apollo!" There was one that caught his eye, and he was like, "That's...! No, Apollo! Don't look! Don't think about it!" Awww. Everyone else was like, "Huh?" and we were like, "Oh, Apollo!"

To save Apollo from his misery, they all decided to have lunch, which is where we find Balder's first character trait that doesn't really match his image (well, if you don't count the "tripping over nothing" thing--it kind of matches his image, but also not), which is that he loves meat. He is a massive carnivore. And they made just enough of a deal about it to make it seem kind of creepy.

Oh! And there was the part where Balder explains his immortality, and how his mother went around asking everything in the world not to harm him...and that's when we were like, "Oh yeah, Loki did kill him in the myth!" Now we remember how that story goes. But Balder had Apollo try it out by throwing rocks at him, and all the rocks refused to hurt Balder. The immortality thing came up again when it started raining, and everyone had to race back to the school so they didn't get drenched. And Balder was like, "No, Yui. Just stay close to me and you'll stay dry." He was acting like kind of a jerk, but in his defense, if he had to run, he probably would have face-planted several times. And Yui was like, "Uh...but what about Apollo and Tsukito?" and he was like, "You're more worried about them than about me?" And we were all like, "Uh..." and Athena and I were like, "Dude, what's your deal? Stop being a creeper!"

And then we moved on with the story, and suddenly he was back to not being subtly creepy...until after the athletic meet. The unusual thing about his storyline is that Thoth doesn't tell you Balder is failing. You get called to Zeus's office and he says, "Everyone's doing really well. Keep up the good work!" And we were like, "Wait, what? Did we miss something?" We even pulled up the log to reread what was said, because we were sure he was supposed to say that everyone was going to graduate except Balder. Well, he didn't, but he did tell Yui to keep an eye on Balder anyway. She was like, "But I thought everyone was doing fine." and Zeus was like, "That doesn't mean there won't be any problems."

And then all of a sudden it's summer, which leads to another slightly creepy incident with Balder, because the season changed in the middle of the day, all at once, so everyone was still wearing their winter uniforms. So to help Yui not be so hot, he decides to help her change her clothes. I think he only helped her take jacket off, but there were no visuals and just the word "nugu," so... It was at that point that I was like, "He really is a typical Kamiya-san character."

But more importantly, before that, we learn about Balder's massive popularity. It's like Yuki in Fruits Basket, only ramped up to the extreme. He explained it by saying that, since he's the god of light, everybody flocks to him because they need light. So of course he's intrigued by Yui, who pretty much treats him the same way as everybody else. He's got kind of a conflicting thing going on, because he likes her because she doesn't like him. They went on summer vacation, and one of Balder's rabid fans got hurt in a mobbing accident, and Yui raced over to help her! And Balder was so jealous that he almost fell over on purpose just to get Yui to show the same concern for him.

Something is wrong with this guy. We're hoping he has a good reason for it.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting that onesie we wanted, getting to see Captain EO, getting to see the Disney Jr. thing, having plenty of time to spend with Page this evening, and getting to go see our nephews this weekend.
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