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Way too easily distracted...

So we went to the TV Tokyo site the other day to check who all works on EyeShield21, to see if maybe it's going to be the new Prince of Tennis, because if it is, that means about a million image songs, which is really all we want.  But when we got there, it said that they had updated the Erementar Gerad and Ueki no Housoku pages, so we went to check out what they updated with and ended up reading about a million voice actor interviews. 

We did find out some neat stuff though, like how Romi Park (I think that's her real last name, since she's at least half Korean) thinks it would be fun to be able to turn garbage into cats.  And when asked about common traits between him and his Erementar Gerad character, Yuuji Ueda's response was, "I'm often told our voices are similar."  ...I guess you had to be there.

There were actually four voice actor interviews for EyeShield21, and I'm going to provide the translation of one of them here, because it's cute, and I'm highly amused by the fact that no one in Japan knows much about football.  Yup.  Japan rocks.

Kappei (Yamaguchi): No...

Atsushi (Tamura): I know nothing about it.  I do know some things from reading the comic though.

 Shouko (Nakagawa): Me too.  I had kind of thought it was along the same lines as rugby...

Atsushi: The object is to get the ball and go forward little by little, right?

Kappei: When you're on offense, if you make it to all the way to the other side, the you get the right to be on offense again.  But if the other team stops you, it switches.  And you can throw the ball forward...?

Atsushi: Wow, a watered-down explanation (laugh).  But I think we're just getting started.  Learning the real rules.

Aya (Hirano): There are lessons on American football in the eyecatch, so I would really like everyone to see them.

Kouichi (Nagano): We can learn from those. 

Miyu (Irino!): My school has an American football team.

Kappei: Ooh.  Join!  Join!

Miyu: No, I'm weak like Sena.  And it would be bad if I got hurt or something...

Atsushi: You should be like Sena and resolve to do it.  Then we'd have someone in the cast who knows all the rules.

Kouichi: Join the team for that? (laugh)

Kappei: Nice.  Can you run fast?

Miyu: Maybe so-so.

Kappei: We'll use you as a lackey (like Sena).  Then you'll be really fast.

All: We have no choice!

Kappei: So learn the rules and teach them to us.  The main character has to carry everyone.

Miyu: I'll do my best...

And again I am made to realize my inadequacies as a translator.  But you all get the idea, right?

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