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Oh man, this volume of Sherlock Bones is totally kicking our butts! Trying to edit it is like wading through a brick wall! ...Okay, so it's not that bad. We have made some progress. Actually, we're pretty close to the end. But wow, it's been tough. And it's hard to say exactly why. Part of it is trying to figure out the best way to translate a parking ticket. Part of it looking up terms to see if there are "official" terms for them in English. Part of it is just that, when we're translating mystery manga, we tend to be pretty slack on the "making it sound good" part the first time through, with the excuse of "we can't make it sound good until we know exactly what's going on!" So it usually sounds pretty lousy and needs a lot of fixing up on the second time through.

On a happier note, man that was a great chapter of UQ Holder! yesterday.

Also, we got Takeru's non-romantic endings yesterday.

To get the non-romantic endings we had to go back to the part after Takeru got suspended, where Yui finds him on the beach and they take their minds off of everything by collecting seashells together. Then Yui insists they address the problem and Takeru tells her about accidentally killing somebody, and now we choose to find a different way to deal with the issue than consulting Zeus. So Yui tells Takeru she's willing to wait until he's ready to come back to school, and he's all, "You better pray that day comes soon," which he meant entirely ironically because he has no faith in prayers. I guess he would know, since it's kind of his job to answer them.

Well, Yui decides that's actually a pretty good idea, and she remembered reading that in Japanese religions, swords are used in prayer rituals, so she uses the Sword with the Big Long Name (Amanomurakumo no Tsurugi (all of that in just four kanji)) to perform a prayer ritual, which fortunately she knows how to do because she grew up at a shrine. And while she's praying with the turns into a giant eight-headed snake! Oooohhhh noooooo! And then it attacks her! But Takeru shows up as Susa-no-o and buys her just enough time to get away. They hurry back to the school to tell Zeus about it, and he tries to fix it, but his lightning has no effect. Fortunately the snake moves extremely slowly, so they have time to evacuate the school. Only problem is, if the snake destroys the really bad happens. Neither of us caught exactly what would happen, but I did catch that the school is basically the pillar supporting the little pocket dimension that Zeus created. So either they'd be trapped between dimensions, or at the school or something. And for some reason they couldn't just call Chronos and have him transport everybody home. And they couldn't leave without Chronos, because everybody would end up in random dimensions or something.

Anyway, while the snake inches ever closer to the school, they take the time to figure out where it came from. It's Yamata no Orochi, a snake creature from Japanese mythology which, according to Thoth's theory (meaning I'm not sure if this was actually part of Japanese mythology, since it really did seem like Thoth was reasoning it out and not just stating a fact), came about because Japanese deities are completely and utterly apathetic to the affairs of humans. But the humans would pray to them anyway, and then the prayers kept going unanswered, so they accumulated and transformed into a curse, which took the form of a gigantic eight-headed snake that moves very very slowly. And attacks gods and anyone it determines to be friends with gods.

Based on all that, Zeus figures the only ones who can do any damage to it are the guys from the same mythos, and for some reason, Yui. So he puts Takeru, Tsukito, and Yui in charge of fighting it, but he goes to fend it off while they work on a strategy. And while Loki forges a new sword for Yui (because hers turned into a giant snake monster). Oh right, and the snake can fire beams of blue-white light that destroy everything in their path. Like Hyper Beam, for those of you familiar with Pokemon. (Super scary!, Athena adds, in whispered tones.)

But! even though you've already taken ages figuring out what to do about the snake, Takeru wants to take some time out to talk to Yui. And we were like, "Uh-oh, is he gonna die?" He's all, "I need to tell you something." No, stop talking! If you talk, you will die! And then he thanks Yui for everything and gives her a hug, and she's about to tell him that she loves him and wishes they could always be together...but he says, "No, don't say it. Wait until we get back." So maybe his death isn't so certain after all.

And then it's finally time to fight the monster. And that's where you can choose the good non-romantic ending or the really really bad non-romantic ending. The really really really really really bad non-romantic ending. We decided to go with the last one first. And that meant standing around watching while Takeru and Tsukito did all the fighting.

Obviously that resulted in absolutely no progress whatsoever, and finally Tsukito says, "Look, we're not getting anywhere. It's about to fire its Hyper Beam, and we have to make sure it doesn't hit the school. I'll distract it, while you go for its weakness." Yui and Takeru are like, "But that's suicide!" and Takeru's like, "No, don't do it! I'll be the decoy!" And Tsukito was like, "Don't be stupid." Okay, he didn't say that. He's not Thoth. But he was like, "Think about this logically. If anybody's going to be the decoy, it's going to be me, because you have someone waiting for you, and I'm all alone." And there was a very touching still where Tsukito grabs Takeru by the shoulders to talk sense into him.

And then Tsukito died and it was the stupidest ending ever. Oh, but they beat the monster. Seriously, these bad endings are the worst for Tsukito. They did leave room for hope that maybe, just maybe, Tsukito survived the attack, but he never shows up after the battle, and then it ends kind of abruptly with Takeru crying even though he promised he wouldn't, because Tsukito would laugh at him for crying if he were still alive. (Never mind the fact that Tsukito doesn't laugh at anything ever.)

Well that was awful, so we had to go back and fix it really fast. This time Yui was going to fight, darnit! I mean seriously, Loki went out of his way to make a new sword for her, and she's like, "No, it's my job to watch its movements and report!" Whatever. That shouldn't even be a choice. But I guess in a game where your choices make a difference it's important to have stupid choices be an option sometimes. Oh, Tsukito!

Anyway. We fixed it. And this time, with the three of them attacking all together, the monster wasn't able to focus as well, so they were able to distract it just long enough for Takeru to chop its tail off, along with two of its heads. (The tail was the weakness, because in the legend the sword came from the tail, so since it was the sword that transformed into the snake, you cut off the thing that formed the snake (the tail) and the snake dies. The other option was to cut off all eight heads, but they decided that was too hard. But then they cut off two heads like it was nothing, and we were like, "Well why didn't you just do that in the first place?" I don't know, it was weird.)

So Takeru defeated the monster and was a hero! Yay! And he gets to go back to school and graduate, and he takes the sword from the snake to show the other gods in Takamagahara...something...about...maybe about what happens when they don't answer the people's prayers? It made more sense at the time, but we were both falling asleep, so. We have a really hard time focusing on action sequences. We both like Takeru a lot, but his stories were hard to follow, because he's a lone wolf, so there was a lot of Yui's inner monologue.

Today I'm thankful for making as much progress on Sherlock Bones as we did, having plans to go to Disneyland tomorrow, not having plans to have people for dinner tonight, getting to watch an episode of The Neighbors last night, and awesome new features being added to Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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