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Today was a day of utter non-motivation. It's not like we've been super busy or anything, but we were just like, "Uuugh, no more worrrrrk..." And then there was an early chapter of UQ Holder!. This was really very good news, but we didn't see it that way because we didn't want any more worrrrrrk. But then we translated it and it was awesome, so it all worked out in the end. Except for the way it ended, which was not awesome, because it ended there.

Speaking of UQ Holder!, Tota's sword. I'm pretty sure the chapter where we had to come up with a nickname for it has been up on Crunchyroll already, so now it's out there for everybody to see. It's one of those things that, at the time we came up with it, we were just amused enough that we liked it. But then the nickname came up again, and suddenly we were like, "Oh no! It's not too silly, is it!?" I mean, Tota's kind of a silly guy, so he's definitely not above silly nicknames, but this one, I just don't know. Also we used an adjective that's barely in our vocabularies, and so is even less likely to be in Tota's vocabulary...but we liked it for the alliteration, and for it's lack (we hope) of racist undertones.

Anyway, now that that's off my chest, we got Takeru's romantic endings last night.

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, Takeru just got suspended. The story moves pretty quickly from there. He stops going to school (duh), and he starts rejecting the world again, so Yui asks Tsukito what he's doing with all his time and finds out that he's at the beach mostly. So she skips school to go to the beach (after getting confirmation that Takeru went there that morning), and she finds him collecting seashells. There's a cute scene of them looking for shells together, and Yui says she's determined to get him back to school, and he says, "Look, there's something you have to know."

So then he tells Yui about how back in the world of Japanese mythology, he accidentally killed a goddess. All the Japanese gods were scared of him after that, and no matter how hard he tried to prove to them that he wasn't going to kill them all, they wouldn't let him back into Takamagahara. And Yui was like, "Oh, so that's why he freaked out when Loki called him violent." So Takeru's sure that nothing he can do will get Zeus to let him go back to school, but Yui is so utterly bored without a club to go to (oh, and she likes Takeru, too) that she decides to fix it. Or at least, we decided to fix it, to get the romantic endings instead of the non-romantic endings.

First Yui goes to see Thoth, because if anyone can convince Zeus to do anything, he's gonna be the guy. Thoth feels a little bad about what happened during the training camp because technically he was supposed to be chaperoning everyone, but he decided not to because he didn't want to. So he agrees to help, and together Yui, Thoth, and Takeru convince Zeus to give Takeru one more chance. So Zeus says if he can pass a test, Takeru can go back to school, and the kendo club can start meeting again.

The test is to climb to the top of a very tall mountain by sunset (they started the next morning). So pretty much there's just a lot of stair-climbing. And climbing and climbing and climbing. After all their climbing, Takeru decides they're not getting anywhere and Zeus has set him up to fail, so he's going to sit down and give up. Yui decides that's stupid (agreed), and after a short fight, she keeps climbing without him. And climbing and climbing and climbing. Then she trips and falls (falling is the most important plot point in Takeru's story, apparently), and sprains her ankle. Now she can't move, but fortunately, her shoe fell off...and all the way down the stairs to where Takeru was still sulking. So he came to rescue her, and then he realized he was being stupid, so he decides not only to go on with the test, but to carry Yui piggyback the whole way to the top.

When they finally get there, it's too late. The sun has already gone down. And the worst part is that Takeru realizes if he hadn't been such a stupid jerk, he would have made it in time. But this turns out to be a good thing, because he finally realizes that he had been expecting other people to change their opinions of him without bothering to take any action to make it happen. Now he's determined to be better, and he begs Zeus to let him back because he promises he'll be good. Zeus says that's just what he wanted to hear, and of course he can come back. Yay! And Takeru's fetter comes off which means he's earned the right to graduate.

Now everyone's getting ready to graduate, and Takeru takes Yui to the roof and confesses his love to her, but she doesn't want to say anything about whether or not the feeling is mutual, because she knows they're going to have to part ways anyway. Well, sure enough, Thoth comes along and says Yui can choose to go back to her own world or follow Takeru. If you follow Takeru, you get to go to the world of Japanese mythology, where Takeru has proclaimed himself monster-slayer, because he's really serious about proving to the other Japanese deities that he's a good guy. There's a really cute scene where he's worried that Yui gave up a happy life back home for a hard life of hunting monsters with him, and she's all, "I wouldn't have come with you if I didn't want to."

If you choose to go back to Yui's world, you get pretty much the same ending that you get for Apollo and Tsukito, only this time Takeru seems a lot more sad that you don't remember him, which prompts Yui to think about how she wants to remember. Also, Takeru talks about how he waited a long time to be able to meet her again, so you get the sense that his world really was ancient Japan, and he just took advantage of his immortality to not be dead before she was born. It sounds a lot less romantic when I put it that way, but when we read it in the game it was really sweet.

We still don't know how significant the Amanomurakumo sword is going to be...either that's for Takeru's non-romantic endings, or it will come into play later on, for like a big finale ending or something. Maybe both.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on UQ Holder! today, being done going to the store, having more chocolate creme cookies, doing a pretty good job (we think) on this Sherlock Bones script so far, and getting shiny new cards in Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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