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Everything today is reminding me of Kamigami no Asobi. Okay, not everything, but even the subject of yesterday's LiveJournal post turned out to be an accidental reference to Takeru. And we've been working on Sherlock Bones, the main character of which is named Takeru, with the same kanji and everything.

So about Takeru. I started noticing that his story seems to be developing much the same way Apollo's did, and when I mentioned that to Athena, she pointed out that there are three main writers for the game, so they're probably writing in turns. This is the fourth story, Apollo's was the first, so... If the trend continues, we have high hopes for Loki's story, and no idea what to expect for the Egyptian gods, who still haven't been unlocked as dating options.

But anyway, we're playing through Takeru's story now. It starts out with Yui deciding to instigate club activities, and there's a lot of stuff here that was all in Hades's story too, that we didn't talk about. Basically, they realize that you have to get more people involved for clubs, so Zeus goes ahead and makes participation mandatory, with lightning strikes for anybody who tries to get out of it. The student council members (who aren't on the student council in this version, because you can either have a student council or clubs but not both) all spread out to find the other gods, who have yet to attend a single class. You can choose who you want to look for, but it won't have any effect on which character's story you'll end up following. No matter who you find, you get zapped trying to prevent him from getting zapped (he gets zapped too).

Everybody wakes up in the nurse's office, and then your act of heroism convinces them to join you in the classroom to figure out what clubs to join. Nobody really takes it seriously though, so Yui decides to have everyone fill out a questionnaire with just one question: what club do you want to join. The answers are as follows:

Loki: blank
Thor: Whatever club Loki is in
Tsukito: blank (he's a good student, but he has no interest in anything, you may recall)
Takeru: blank
Dionysus: blank
Hades: Astronomy club

(Balder and Apollo have already started separate tennis teams by this point. In Hades's story, nobody wants to join Apollo's team, so he ditches the idea and joins the astronomy club.)

So Yui decides that they're all going to be in the astronomy club, because it had the most votes (Loki: Is that what the questionnaire was for!? Yui: Yes. (I decided just now.)) And while Hades is off getting material from the library, you make the decision that will determine your fate. You can follow Hades to the library (he's pretty happy that he gets the club he wanted), stay with Takeru in the classroom, or make sure Loki's not causing any trouble. This time, we stayed with Takeru.

No one waits for Hades to get back, and we felt really bad because in this version, Takeru would have if we hadn't convinced him not to. And Hades was sooooo happy to get his club! We're sorry, Hades! At least this time Zeus didn't make a rule that you have to have five members in your club, so he gets to keep his club without recruiting other members. But anyway, we encouraged Takeru to take a look around at the other clubs and see what he liked, but before he could find anything, Loki came along and started provoking him. He got really upset when Loki called him violent...and proved that he was just that. When he snapped out of it, he had angst, because everyone's scared of him and he doesn't know how to fix it.

In the meantime, he decides to ignore Yui and is mostly determined to do it except for the making sure he's still where she can find him part. Yui needs him to join a club or he won't graduate and she won't get to go home, so even though he is really scary, she challenges him to a duel--if she wins, he has to join the kendo team. She proves that she's not a complete newbie with a sword by showing him her pendant, which can transform into a famous Japanese sword called the Amanomurakumo...sword. I don't remember if it was "no tsurugi" or what. But finding it was what led Yui to this school, and Zeus said something about how it's hers and it will protect her or something that we haven't read in a long time because we skip it so as not to read the first chapter eighty zillion times. The point is, it's something that was always in the game, and not a weird retcon or anything.

Fortunately, Takeru is so convinced that Yui doesn't stand a chance that he says if she touches him with the shinai at all, she wins their duel. Of course she does, but she had a really hard time doing it, and she realizes that Takeru really knows his stuff and she'd like to learn from him. So they spend a lot of time training. Like, a lot. Seriously. They meet at six every morning! Just thinking about it makes us tired.

Then there are some random incidents that may or may not have any bearing on the story. First, Takeru nearly kills one of the other students because Zeus was playing around and trying to make the automatons feel one of them got all stalkery on Yui. And Takeru mentions that there's just something about that sword of Yui's...

Well, Yui asks Thoth if he knows why it would be on Takeru's mind so much, and she gets told what we found out thanks to the mythology quizzes between the chapters--the sword belongs to Susa-no-o. But wait! That's Takeru! So why did he say he'd never heard of it? He actually did say that, and we were very confused. Fortunately, you can ask Thoth about that, too, and he says don't be stupid. (He always says that.) Takeru was transported to the school before he got the sword. Oh game. You and your weird timestreams. This is also where the snake tail connection comes in, because the sword came from the tail of a snake god that Susa-no-o slew.

But then we forget all about that, because now it's summer and that means training camp! So all the clubs go to their separate camps, but Tsukito ended up in a non-athletic camp, so to prevent him from being left home all alone, and because Takeru read that it's not good for a guy and a girl to sleep under the same roof when they're not married, Takeru invites Tsukito to join him and Yui. And that adds much hilarity to the event, because there's an incident where...

Okay, first, Tsukito tries to make dinner, and despite being perfect at everything, for some reason he can't be trusted with cooking utensils. The only thing we can think of is that he was doing it deliberately for the sake of his other goal. So to save everyone from danger, Takeru decides he's going to make dinner, and he's not going to let Yui help because he said he was going to do it and he's going to do it, dangit! Only he doesn't know how to chop vegetables, as opposed to cutting an enemy in two, so that starts out a little dangerously, too. (It also reminded me of the Princess and the Frog. "You minced!" "I did!") He figures it out pretty soon, though, and then he cuts his finger. Of course.

So Yui was like, "We have to get that taken care of!" and Takeru was like, "It's fine!" and Yui was like, "Look, if Tsukito or I got hurt, would you let us just ignore it?" "What!? No!" "And we're just as worried about you as you are about us, so let me fix it!" And Tsukito was like, "Oh, I see. Interesting psychology. I'll have to make a note of it. ...Oh, just pretend I'm not here and go on with what you were doing." Well, that was too confusing for poor little Yui and Takeru, so Tsukito was kind enough to explain. "I'm basing my book on you two."

Since Tsukito is in a literature club, he's writing a book, but he's not interested in anything, so he needed somebody else to give him ideas. Well, Apollo is always eager to help and he suggested a romance novel. (There was also something about drawing straws...we're not sure how that worked. Were other characters writing novels, too? Or did Apollo give lots of ideas, and that was the one Tsukito drew out of the hat? Either they didn't specify, or we were so giggly over the whole novel idea that we missed an important grammar construction.) Takeru sneaks a peek at the novel later, and apparently the content is so embarrassing he refused to let Yui look at it. We don't know if we'll ever find out what Tsukito wrote.

Another scene that may or may not have been important to the story at all involved bedtime. Surprise surprise, there's only one futon. Yui figures this was Zeus's doing. Tsukito was going to be out moon-gazing all night, so Yui and Takeru compromised by each taking half of the futon ('cause you know in Japan a futon consists of a thick blanket to lie on the ground as a mattress and a less thick one to sleep under), and they won't need blankets because it's summer. It didn't matter anyway though, because (of course) in his sleep, Takeru turns around and hugs Yui like a teddy bear. I only bring it up because I think that still is my favorite one in the whole game so far. It's super cute, and Takeru looks so much better without his headband on.

The training camp goes on for a long time, and eventually Yui and Takeru decide that they should watch the sunrise together. And we were like, "Whyyyyyyy?" So they get up before dawn, so they can climb to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise, and Athena's like,"Whyyyyyy?" and I'm like, "Sleeeeepyyyy," because reading Japanese games on a tiny screen makes me sleepy, especially when they're doing sleepy things like waking up before dawn for crying out loud. So they watch the sunrise, and Yui makes some comment about sun gods, and Takeru was like, "Uuuugh, sun gods." And he was like, "You just killed my buzz. Let's go back." So you start to go back, and Yui trips and starts to fall down! Takeru catches her...or not! He can't reach! (He's the short one, but he's not insecure about it. Yui got apologetic when she was like, "One weakness you might have in kendo is your height...I'm so sorry!" and he's like, "Why?")

So he gets so desperate to save her that his emotions get all worked up and that transforms him into his god form and he saves her! ...but breaks her arm in the process. Because he can't control his own strength. So he takes her all the way down the mountain and back to the school, and admitted that he was the one her broke her arm when he grabbed her, and Yui was like, "No, it wasn't that!" and Thoth was like, "Don't be stupid." (He always says that.) He could tell exactly how Yui got hurt by looking at the bruise. So they all go report to Zeus and Zeus says, "You know, you've almost killed before, too. You're suspended. No more kendo club."

Dun dun DUN!

...And that's where we left off, because we wanted to watch Noragami, and it was already bedtime. But we watched Noragami anyway. (It was also the end of the chapter. And it was stupid, too, because Zeus was all, "Until you've thought about what you've done and are sufficiently sorry, you can't come back!" and we were all, "But he's already really sorry! What more do you want!?")

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft of Sherlock Bones 7, not having to wake up early this morning, adorable Takeru stills, not having to go to the store today, and still having Reese's pieces eggs to look forward to.
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