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A snake tale

Back around the time Kingdom Hearts first came out, we were going to Disneyland all the time. That's not a whole lot different than the rest of our lives, but the significance is that the stores in Adventureland had these super adorable monkey plushes with velcro hands that you can hang around your neck. That's not so much different from now, either, except the monkey plushes these days tend to be fluorescent and sold in more of a fair-type atmosphere. The ones I'm talking about were designed to look like real monkeys, and the one we liked the best was a capuchin. We bought one, and after thinking long and hard, we finally decided to name it Sora.

Soon after we got the adorable monkey, the same store in Adventureland started selling adorable snake plushes that you can coil around your arm. They were even cuter than the monkeys, so of course we had to have one! (We love coily snake toys. Later, Costco started selling gigantic fluorescent versions and we got two. It was soooo cute when Mimsy would curl up on top of one of them.) And since we named our monkey from Disneyland Sora, it only made sense to name the earthbound snake from Disneyland Riku.

So fast forward to today, and we now have a plush monkey named Sora and a plush snake named Riku. One of the days when we were babysitting the little girl, she discovered Sora and Riku and deemed them worthy to play with. She asked us their names, so we told her. She didn't care much about Sora, because the name "Sora" doesn't really register with her (in Kingdom Hearts, Sora is "my father," remember), but she was adamant--adamant!--that there could only be one Riku, and he was in Kingdom Hearts. No amount of, "There can be two Rikus--it's actually not that uncommon a name in Japan," would persuade her otherwise. (In fact, there are two Rik(k)us in Kingdom Hearts! But the Japanese name of the other one is actually Ryukku.)

And that brings us to this morning, where she did us the huge favor of coming up with a new name for our snake. What name did she so brilliantly bestow upon our snake?


...We're going to keep calling him Riku. We have agreed with the little girl to disagree on the subject. (That makes it sound like the discussion was much more mature than it actually was. It went like this:
Me: He's my snake and I'm gonna call him whatever I want!
Little Girl: Well I'm gonna call him whatever I want, too!
Me: Fine!)

Today I'm thankful for adorable monkey plushes, adorable snake plushes, having resolved the issue of the snake's name, the yummy cookies we had for a snack, and new Noragami tonight.
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