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We had been planning for a very long church day today. The singles' ward in the area is having a thing where they're inviting all the singles in the area, and one woman from our ward who recently switched to that ward invited us, and even offered to give us a ride. The singles' ward meets at one, our ward gets out at noon, the timing would have been perfect. But as it turned out, she got sick today, so we ended up coming home instead. On the bright side, while we were hanging out after church, our home teacher introduced himself.

He asked us some questions about what brings us to the area, etc., and that line of questioning always leads to, "So do you work at (/are you interested in working at) Disneyland?" The answer is no, we work freelance so we didn't need to find a job before we moved. Oh, what do you do? We translate comic books.

Home teacher picked up on "translate" and "comic books" and was like, " translate manga?" Then we had a nice discussion about manga and cosplay and stuff, and now we can be pretty sure we'll get along reasonably well with our new home teacher. (Though for the record, I should point out that just because someone is an anime/manga fan does not automatically mean we'll get along with them.)

I also wanted to mention Sunday School, because we had a lesson about the scriptures and how important they are, and that's one of my favorite lessons, because looking back, I can see where reading the scriptures really has blessed my life, and I think I've said this before, but it was a long time ago so I'm going to say it again--I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be as smart as I am if it weren't for reading the scriptures every day. And now, a quick verse to share:

"O be wise; what can I say more?" Jacob 6:12

Finally, a cute story about the little girl that happened at the ward activity Friday night. She came across her crush in the hall and decided to watch him play with a Lego Ninjago app on the iPad. He got some kind of fancy power-up that turned his character all gold, and said, "I'm the gold ninja--the greatest of all ninja." Then he said, "Who's the greatest ninja?" and the little girl answered, "Uh...that guy!" And he says, "No, I am!" to which her response was, "No, you're just my friend."

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet our home teacher, getting a ride home from church (we'd told our ride to church, who went home right away because she's been sick, that she wouldn't need to come get us, because we thought we had other plans), having extra time with which to make cookies, having cookie dough to bake (or a recipe, if we decide to be extra adventurous), and scriptures.
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