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Our first fight

Today certainly did not turn out like expected. We were right about to do laundry when our neighbor stopped by and asked if we could watch the little girl for a few hours. Our neighbor's been sick, and her husband was trying to get some chores done, so they needed the little girl to be somewhere that was out of people's hair. We only had plans to do laundry and attend a baptism, so we figured why not.

The visit was mostly uneventful, although there was a "scary" incident where the little girl tried to tell me about the scary ghost in the bathroom, who looked just like her friend Ghosty, but was scary. She was using this voice like she was so scared...and then she noticed the color-changing light and it was so cool she forgot to pretend to be scared anymore. Then she asked me to get her a chair so she could sit down and watch the light change colors.

Other than that, most of the time was spent playing Kingdom Hearts. Sometimes the little girl paid attention and watched, or asked to play, and sometimes Athena played while the little girl searched our apartment for stuffed animals or something. Unfortunately, the little girl was really into Kingdom Hearts when we got the call to let us know our ride to the baptism was en route. It was time for her to go, and she Did Not Want To.

So I had to drag her kicking and screaming back to her apartment, and she told us multiple times that she doesn't like us anymore. Kids.

Today I'm thankful for opportunities to serve, the really good cookies and fudge that the ward mission leader's daughter (aged about nine) made for the baptism, having a pretty good time with the little girl, getting our laundry done, and having a Freschetta pizza for dinner tonight.
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