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Rabbit on the moon

This morning we found out about It's A Small World's 50th anniversary celebration, where they're asking people to go online and record videos of themselves singing the song, and it has us really anxious to do something awesome! ...But then we hit the massive roadblock of, "But what...?" and we lose most of our momentum as we lose ourselves in work. Maybe we'll think of something.

Anyway, yesterday we got Tsukito's non-romantic endings. The non-romantic storyline starts when Tsukito is at the parent-teacher conference with Akira and Zeus. (At least, it was in Zeus's office. He may or may not have actually participated (don't really remember).) And if you decide to go with Takeru and check on the situation, you get the more family-inclusive endings! Tadah! (I'm not sure if I like that this game makes you choose between family and romance. Why should I have to ditch the family I already have to start a new one? Can't we make additions?)

So you go with Takeru and interrupt the meeting, where Akira is all, "How dare you be interested in family! You're not even real family! You're stupid! Fix it!" and Takeru is like, "Don't you talk to my brother that way!" and Akira is like, "He's broken and he'll break you too! Stay away from him if you know what's good for you, and besides he's not your brother!" And Takeru's like, "You're stupid!" And for some reason you leave Zeus's office with Tsukito and Takeru, and Takeru's all, "You don't have to listen to him! He's stupid!" and Tsukito's like, "No...I think he's right... *pain*" (Okay, obviously it wasn't that dramatic. Tsukito is still a robot. But there was a little pain, and because he's a robot, the slight contrast feels more dramatic.)

Tsukito explains to Takeru that he (Tsukito) was adopted, so they're not really family, and remember the day I saved your soul by making you think somebody cared? I only held my hand out to you because you had my rabbit familiar charm thingie.

Well, of course Takeru does not take this well. He goes berserk and his fetter stops working so now he has his god powers back and he uses them to disappear. Oops. That's when Akira shows up and is all, "What happened?" "I told him the truth." "You told him you're not really brothers!? How could you!?" As if he hadn't already told Takeru multiple times that Tsukito wasn't really his brother. Akira is really rather irrational.

So now Tsukito, Yui, and Thoth mobilize all the gods to find Takeru, and after searching for a long time (thus enabling Tsukito to go on at length about how he realizes now that he really does care about Takeru, and if it wasn't for all Takeru's talk about family, he never would have been so interested in the concept), you finally end up at the beach...which is really the obvious place to look, since Susa-no-o is the god of the ocean. Why it took them so long to think of that in the first place, we couldn't say, but we spent several minutes telling the game that obviously they should go to the beach. Anyway, while you're walking along the beach with Tsukito, he drops the charm thingie that transforms into his rabbit familiar, and you have the option of saying, "Oh hey, it's the cornerstone to your foundation of lies" or changing the subject.

We wanted to get the better ending second, so we decided to go for the option that took zero points, and we changed the subject. So you say, "It's late, we should probably go back," and Tsukito is like, "Yeah..." And you go back and talk to Balder, who says they still haven't found him, and Tsukito goes back to his dorm because maybe Takeru will come back.

The next morning...was kind of terrifying. Suddenly you hear Apollo screaming, and then you hear someone who sounds like Tsukito maybe yelling about the sublimity of brotherhood, or something? It was really, really bizarre. He had so much emotion in his voice we really weren't sure if it was the same voice actor (mainly because Tsukito is the only character we've heard this voice actor play). Then Akira shows up with Takeru, who's trying to be all sulky and quiet, but Tsukito's new attitude is so confusing to everyone that he can't keep it up, and he's like, "You're not my brother!" Seriously, it was like if Yuki from Fruits Basket suddenly started acting like Ayame--a comparison I mostly came up with because Tsukito looks like he could be the lost middle brother of Yuki and Ayame, but it's also a very fitting comparison, because, as Tsukito tells us in his regular monotone voice, since he couldn't be searching for Takeru, he spent all night reading about brothers, and one book said that siblings tend to act alike, so he took all of Takeru and Akira's good qualities and tried acting like them. It was creepy. There was a still. It was scary. I don't like looking at it. (Except I do, sometimes, because it's funny, but still!) And Tsukito said he liked acting that way, so he was going to keep doing it! Aaaaaaahhhhh!

And they got Thoth to find a way to remove Loki's rings, and they graduated and went home and lived happily(?) ever after.

That ending was very blegh, so we hurried off to get the other ending. Rewind to Tsukito dropping the rabbit charm. Now we decided to talk about it. Obviously Yui was much nicer about it than to call it a cornerstone to a foundation of lies--she just mentioned it and they were all like, "That's what brought you and Takeru together in the first place. Awwwww." And they noticed that part of it had a different pattern from the rest of it, and concluded that, since the different pattern was seashell-ish, probably Takeru found it and fixed it, and was holding onto it when Tsukito found him that fateful day. Tsukito realized that it was Takeru who made him who he was, and he was so touched and filled with emotion that his fetter stopped working, and he was able to use his god powers to look for Takeru. And he has a really pretty costume, and it's the only one we've seen so far that's not ticklish (although none of them so far are as ticklish as Hades's; what we really mean is he's the only one who covers his torso completely--even Amaterasu's god form is shirtless).

So Tsukuyomi finds Susa-no-o, and they have a touching reunion, and then Amaterasu finds them and is like, "Can...can I be your brother, too?" and Takeru is all, "Why!? You never cared about me!" and Amaterasu is like, "I did care! I just didn't know what to do! I was afraid of hurting you even more! And before I could think of anything, you had attached yourself to stupid Fakey McNiseda there." (I had to make the fake name sort of Japanese-ish, so I added a da.) Oh right, we haven't really been clear about the fact that Susa-no-o and Amaterasu are actual brothers, and Tsukuyomi's not they just said he was. We really need to look into the mythology on this. We even have a copy of (a translation of) the Kojiki.

Anyway, they all made up and went back to school, and...oh yeah, when Tsukito's god powers were unleashed, they overrode Loki's ring, so that wasn't an issue anymore. And then it was the last day of school, and Takeru came along with matching necklaces for all three brothers. But he only made three "because he had extra material"--he wasn't trying to be all sappy or nothin'. So they go back to their world, and we thought it would be a great lead-in to going to Takeru's storyline...but before Tsukito leaves, he makes it a point to say that he was in love with Yui, and he feels so stupid because he never realizes how much he loves what he has until he loses it. So we decided it wouldn't be very nice to be like, "I love you, too! Now I'm going to go date your brother."

So then we watched the latest episode of Castle, which was about ninja and it bothered us, because it obviously hadn't researched the same things we had. We're pretty sure ninja do still exist in Japan, but instead of being assassins, they work at theme parks. (Or they are assassins, but nobody knows about them because duh. Ninjas.) Also, it's not like we've done the research either, so we could be wrong, but we're pretty sure it's not "perfectly acceptable" in Japan to visit a hostess club. At least not any more acceptable than going to a strip club.

Of course, I have to point out that our research is far from extensive, so it's entirely possible that we're wrong about all of this. Mostly I only bring it up because it brought up an interesting point about pronunciation. It's true that when we watched Card Captors, every time someone said the name suh-KUR-a, we would say out loud, "Sakura." But usually Americans mispronouncing Japanese doesn't bother us. We still say carry-okie, and we even trained ourselves to say anime with a more American accent because people recognized it that way (and also because it's short for "animation," so technically the American accent is more correct).

What bothers us more is when people try too hard to pronounce a word right. All through that episode of Castle, people were saying sah-EE-to instead of Saito, and it drove us nuts. (It's true that Japanese doesn't have vowel harmony, but it does have diphthongs.) There was one character who pronounced the name almost like side-o, and that was far less annoying to us. I think there are two reasons: it bothers us when people try too hard to sound smart, and it bothers us when people talk unnaturally. But of course, it's all a personal opinion.

Today I'm thankful for all of Tsukito's non-creepy endings, getting to finish work today, fifty years of It's A Small World, having a cute kitty that loves us, and having plans to go to a ward activity tonight.
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