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I wanted to write an introduction or something, because jumping right into more Kamigami no Asobi seemed like it would be so abrupt, but I can't think of anything to write an introduction about, so I guess I'll jump right in after all.

On second thought, I could have maybe had an introduction about how I'm having a hard time keeping stories straight in my head, because Say I Love You. tends to occupy a lot of brain space. I think we yell at the characters in that one more than any other series we're working on. These days, anyway.

Okay, so what were we doing in KamiAso again...? Right, they're pretending to be a couple. But they're also! planning a summer festival. Since Yui's the only one who's ever been to one, she has to tell the rest of the student council what they're like, and suddenly actually interested in something! Whoa! He got especially interested when Yui started talking about her family, so now we know he wants to know about families, but that aspect gets ignored until the festival is over.

I should probably point out that Tsukito's story is kind of hard to write about, because there's a lot of stuff that makes us go, "Awwwww♥♥♥" but since that's really the only reaction, there aren't a whole lot of other words to go with them. It's not like Apollo's story, with all the crazy reactions. Part of this is due to the fact that we're not as familiar with Japanese mythology. I know, right?

On the other hand, from what I do know about Japanese mythology, and from what the between-chapter mythology quizzes have taught us about Japanese mythology, we're not sure how much of the myths got deliberately changed from what the folklore is. For example...I'm getting ahead of myself. There's an example, but I'll get to it later.

So Tsukito is totally obsessed with this summer festival idea, to the point where the whole student council is using every second of their free time already, but when the other students ask for them to build a stage, he's determined to make it happen. They have a great time at the festival (including beating Loki at his own game when Loki runs a rigged shooting gallery) and then, finally Tsukito passes out because he got sick from overwork. It made us wonder, because Apollo was pushing himself really hard in his story, too, and we were sure he was going to get sick at some point...and then Yui did. It didn't make any sense. I guess they were going with the "idiots never catch cold" thing, especially since Apollo's nicknames include Aho-llo (Loki) and just Aho (Thoth). And then there's a super cute scene where Yui gives Tsukito some okayu, and he tells her that he wanted to make the festival a success for her sake. Awwwwww♥♥♥

Meanwhile, back in the headmaster's office, Zeus and Thoth have decided that they needed to have a parent-teacher conference with Tsukito and his designated guardian. Why a deity would need a guardian... Anyway, the point is they called in Amaterasu, for reasons that still don't really make any sense. And this is that example I was talking about that indicates that the writers of this game thought about Japanese mythology and said, "Hey, why don't we just do it this way instead?" Amaterasu is male in this game. It's a love sim, so it kind of makes sense that they'd do that, except that as far as we know, Amaterasu isn't one of the datable characters. He does dress like a woman, though. *shrug*

And the whole point of Amaterasu, as far as we've seen, is to make Tsukito unhappy. He comes along and says, "You're stupid. Fix it." And Tsukito is like, "I'll try." But while he's having this super long argument with Amaterasu (who goes by Akira in this game, because for some reason the Japanese gods got full-on name changes while everyone else just got a new surname (they explained it, but it wasn't convincing enough, or maybe it's just that I wasn't sure of the kanji, but either way, I'm not sure what the reason is)), Yui and Takeru talk about their family situation. Takeru explains that as soon as the three brothers (Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susa-no-o) were born, they were assigned their various realms and sent to go rule them. They never had a loving family environment, and so they all grew up with Damage. Amaterasu got obsessed with work, Tsukuyomi just didn't care about anything, and Susa-no-o hated the world. Then one day, while Susa-no-o was taking out his hatred on the world, Tsukuyomi came along and held his hand out to him. No one had ever done that before. He was so touched to realize that somebody really cared about him that he decided Tsukuyomi was his favorite person ever, and that's why he's had a bit of a brother complex throughout the game.

The conference between Tsukito and Akira goes on too long, and when Takeru asks you if you want to go check on things with him, the Thread of Fate appears! We chose to go with the romantic storyline, and so opted to stay in class and let things play out. You meet up with Tsukito later, and he tells you pretty much what we already said--Akira told him he's stupid, fix it. But he decides not to worry about it too much--he's pretty sure he's on the right track. So Akira decides he isn't needed anymore and leaves.

Meanwhile, Tsukito still wants to know about this whole family thing, so Yui says, "I'll be your family!" and Tsukito is so happy! And then we learn that Apollo and Balder have been listening in on the whole conversation, and Tamaki Apollo decides that they're all family, and he's the dad--"You can call me Father, Dad, Papa, or Darling!" And to commemorate their newly formed family, they decide to hold a New Year's party. Not because it's New Year's, but because that's the biggest family-oriented event Yui could think of.

But Yui and Tsukito still have to become a real girlfriend and boyfriend, so Apollo and Balder send them out on a date while they work on the party planning. The date is super cute. Super. cute.

And afterward, Tsukito sends Yui back to her room so he can throw snowballs at her window and deliver a romantic speech...which he memorized from the love manual Loki and Apollo gave Yui earlier (on their date, Tsukito was so eager to make Yui love him back that he stole the book from her; awwww♥♥♥ They made snow sculptures, and Tsukito sculpted her, and she was like, "It's beautiful!" and he was like, "I agree; you are beautiful. ...The love manual says it's important to compliment a girl." And she was like, "...Oh." And he was like, "But I'm stupid, so I can only say what I really think," and we were like, "Nice save."). And Yui could tell he got the speech from the manual, because suddenly he was saying boku instead of ore.

But then! suddenly Tsukito starts acting...distant. He stops going everywhere with Yui, and when she invites him to do stuff with her, he's like, "I have something to do. Bye." So when the party finally comes along, she's feeling all awkward. Nevertheless, she and Tsukito are the last ones awake (it being New Year's), so he takes her to the beach to wait for the sunrise. And she was like, "Um, it's too cold to wait for the sunrise." And he was like, "Oh. I guess you're right." So he decided to give his speech right then instead...and he proposed! Awwwww♥♥♥ (The first time he said he had stuff to do, Athena was like, "Oh, he's gonna get an engagement ring.") But he was saying boku instead of ore. Uh-oh.

So Yui says, "Do you really mean that, or are you just copying the manual?" And he was sooooo cute, he was like, "I really mean it, but I didn't know how to say it myself, so I asked Apollo to write a speech for me." But Yui was like, "I don't want to marry you unless you can ask me in your own words," and he was like, "That's not fair!" but he did it anyway, and then she was like, "But are you sure? I mean, you're a god, and I'm just a mortal!" and he was like, "Fine, if you don't want to marry me, I guess I won't need this," and he throws the ring into the ocean! And she's like, "!!!!" and he's like, "Psych! I have it right here." (Only not like that. He's still sort of robotic. But he did say, "Just kidding," and we were like, "What!" How is he even capable of that? And then he's like, "The manual said..." Stupid manual. I bet that was Loki's suggestion.) Then he said, "I worked really hard to get this ring. I'm not just going to throw it into the ocean."

So of course Yui accepts, and Tsukito puts the ring on her finger...and the Loki rings break off! And we were like, "I thought the rule was they had to be boyfriend and girlfriend, not engaged!" But anyway, they got back and Loki points out to everyone that gasp! the evil rings are gone. And Balder's like, "But she's wearing a different ring. Does that mean...?" And Apollo was like, "Awww, you're gonna be a real family!" And there was much joy and happiness until everyone remembered that graduation was coming up. Dun dun DUN!

Once again Thoth comes along and says, "Hey, do you wanna go home or do you wanna follow your boyfriend?" This time, we didn't have enough points to follow the boyfriend, because we decided (unlike with Apollo) not to go back and fix it every time we gave a bad answer. So Yui went back to her own world and forgot everything, and there was an ending very similar to when you do that same thing with Apollo, only Tsukito found her a lot sooner, and somehow it was way more romantic with Apollo. Maybe because we hadn't seen it before, or because Apollo's dilly-dallying gives time for suspense to build up--is he going to find her?

Then we went back and filled up all our points so we could have Yui follow Tsukito to Yorunosukuni, which is the realm that Tsukuyomi rules. And there was a cute scene where he started copying the manual again, and she tried to take it from him. Also, she was like, "Wow, this place is so beautiful." and he was like, "Yeah, I didn't know, either. I haven't been to this area before, because I never cared about anything." And it was so cute and awwww♥♥♥-inspiring. And the moral of the story is, if both parties are willing to work for it, even arranged marriages can work out.

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention that they played carta at the New Year's party! It's not really a big thing, but it amuses us because of the voice actor connection. Apollo (who also plays Tsukuba in Chihayafuru) was like, "I've been reading about carta, and I think I could be pretty good at it!" and we were like, "Especially the Hokkaido version! Bwahahaha." Then later, Takeru commented that he was exhausted from all the running around playing carta, and how that's not what real carta is like. All the while, he was standing next to Loki, who's played by the same guy who plays Arata. Bwahahahaha.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early today, Tsukito and his super cuteness, having little cartons of Reese's pieces eggs, pectin, and the picture of Daisuke Ono on the back of the Lunar Maria CD.
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