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First, I want to tell about what happened when we went to see Captain America today. ...That seems a little confusing. We didn't see the movie Captain America--it's not out yet. We went to the Captain America Meet & Greet at Innoventions in Disneyland today. It was cool, because the cast members manning the queue wore SHIELD uniforms. The guy at the head of the line was really friendly, too. He said he wanted to get shamrock sunglasses to wear for St. Patrick's Day, but SHIELD wouldn't let him. He also commented on Athena's Bambi shirt, because, as a character attendant, he wears a button that says "Ask me about characters!" so a lot of guests will try to stump him with questions like, "What's Bambi's mom's name!?" We were all like, "Uh...Bambi's Mom. Duh." (The point of the button is that those people know when and where you should be able to find characters in the parks, so they're the people you want to go to when you're on a quest to find Peter Pan, for example.)

But the point is, we went to see Captain America (the character, not the movie). And I got to ask him the question I've been dying to ask him since Disneyland announced that he would be having a meet & greet. It was a very brief exchange that went like this:

Me: Does this ever remind you of your days in the USO?
Cap: *exasperated* Like you wouldn't believe.

And so that Captain America guy wins. He also added, almost as an afterthought, like he was thinking (good soldier that he is), "I shouldn't make them think I hate my job," he added, sincerely but resignedly, "But it's important to keep up morale." The more I thought about it later, the more I thought it really was the perfect Captain America response. He wins (even if he didn't look exactly like Chris Evans).

When we were done talking to Captain America, we ran into a cast member who told us we had good timing--that meet & greet line was going to be two hours for the rest of the day. Apparently it's a three hour wait to see Anna and Elsa, so we were contemplating the possibilities of line entertainment for the meet & greets when some other guests came up and asked about meeting Thor. While we were waiting for Innoventions to open (which is how we got to see Captain America so quickly--we got in right when it opened), a cast member told us the Bifrost would be closed, so then we suggested Loki might be pulling shenanigans for St. Patrick's Day (obviously it's not a thing he originally celebrated, but any excuse for shenanigans, right?), and we got to hear the most shocking story ever.

The cast member and her friends had gone to the Muppets Most Wanted premiere, and Tom Hiddleston was there and started flirting with one of her friends--the one who hadn't seen Thor and didn't know who he was. So when he asked for her number (!!!!), she said, "Uh...maybe later..." and went to join her friends, who had been watching in shock from the other side of...wherever they were. They were like, "Do you know who that was?" and she was like, "I don't know, he was British? It was really weird." So they enlightened her and she went to apologize later...and he still took her on a date, even though there was a strong possibility she was only talking to him again because she found out he was famous. So jealous.

And now that I've already written a bunch of stuff, I want to talk about Tsukuyomi a bit. Maybe more than a bit. We'll see.

So...Tsukuyomi is like a robot. Or I guess I should call him Tsukito, because apparently he's really different at Zeus school than he usually is. Before I get into that, I want to mention the school council outing, where they go to a farm, not because Tsukito wants to go, but because Apollo decided that everybody had to have a different preference (except for Yui of course, who had the final say), and pointed out a farm, to which Tsukito said, "Okay, let's go with that." So you go to play with all the animals, and there's a unicorn...a very vicious unicorn which is nice to Yui because she's a virgin, and to Tsukito for unknown reasons, but doesn't care for Balder (even though all the other animals love him to the point of being magnetically attracted to him) and reeeeeeally hates Apollo.

Anyway. Back to Tsukito being a robot. There are only two indications of any kind of emotion in this guy--he has a rabbit (which isn't a pet so much as a familiar, according to his brother), and when Thoth tells him he's not going to graduate, he says he never wanted to be human. Other than that, he mostly just hangs around to provide information, and to do whatever anybody tells him to do, regardless of how stupid or annoying it is. Thoth told him to rejoice that his new nickname was gudon (simpleton, stupid, etc.), and he just said, "ryoukai desu (affirmative)." Like, seriously. Total robot. When asked, Takeru (Susa-no-o) says that Tsukuyomi was always quiet before, but he was never that bad.

So to try to get him more interested in humans, Yui suggests that the school event they plan be a moon viewing party. Everybody makes their own dango, and that's where stuff starts happening. Apparently Tsukito made the best dango ever, and everyone wants to try them, but when Apollo reaches for one, the plate falls and shatters. (It's almost like Apollo is sharing half of a bad luck curse... Are all the stories connected after all? Hmmm...) So Tsukito, always ready to do the task at hand, starts picking up the unreasonably sharp pieces (seriously, what was this plate made of?) barehanded, cutting his hands to shreds in the process. Everybody tries to stop him, and he's like, "No, don't stop me. I don't care about anything but doing what I'm supposed to do."

Well, that's where Loki decides it's time to "help." He decides that if Tsukito is going to be so thoughtless, he needs to be punished, and as punishment, Loki is going to really teach him about love. A few minutes later, he gives Tsukito and Yui each a gift. At that point, I was like, "What is it, handcuffs?" But it wasn't that bad. It was just a ring, that he'd put on each of their fingers for them. And Thor and Balder were like, "Loki. You didn't." And Yui was like, "What?" And we were like, "Is it the Ring of the Nibelung? The One Ring to rule them all? What?" (We really don't know that much about Norse mythology. We need to get in better touch with our heritage.) And Loki explained that now they can't go more than a hundred meters away from each other or they'll get zapped. Yui tried to take her ring off...and got zapped. So now she knows how bad it is. And in fact, it's worse than the handcuffs, because they won't come off until Tsukito and Yui become boyfriend and girlfriend for real.

This is bad on so many levels. First, Yui didn't get a say in the matter at all. At least she doesn't have to marry him. Second, Apollo looked sad when he found out what was going on. (He decided to think positive about it, though, and becomes very helpful(?) later.) Third, trying to date Tsukito is like trying to date a robot. What if they don't get the rings off before they graduate!? Ooooohhhh noooooooo!!!

But the worst part is that Tsukito didn't understand the order (to become boyfriend and girlfriend), so Loki gave the suggestion, because Loki is all about kissing apparently, that Tsukito try kissing Yui and see if that helps. Of course, it's Yui's first kiss. So Tsukito kisses her, because once he's ordered to do something, he's going to do it, darnit! but afterward he was like, "I still don't get it. That kiss didn't do anything for me." Understandably, Yui ran off to get away from the really lousy situation, and at this point I wished that she had a female friend to discuss these things with.

So Yui and Tsukito start spending time together, but because Tsukito is a robot, they don't get any closer on a personal level--they're just awkward all the time. So Loki and Apollo decide they need help, and go to all their classmates, asking them to help them compile a list of things couples do together. The first example is lunchtime activities:

1)Share lunch (Thor's idea)
2)Feed each other (Balder's idea)
3)Exchange lunches mouth-to-mouth (I'm sure we all know whose idea this was)

Tsukito's down for anything, but Yui's not, so you get to choose which one of the three you want to do. We went with Balder's idea, but I'm pretty sure we would have gotten the same results for either one--no perceptible reaction from Tsukito, but he's sitting a little bit closer now...but maybe that's just because of the cold weather. Still, Yui realizes (after also letting Tsukito use her lap for a pillow--for which we got a pretty cute still) that it might be working very slowly, so she's going to keep trying.

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet Captain America, winning responses to questions, stories that give me hope that celebrities will talk to non-celebrity types (although we don't know if the cast member's friend who went out with Tom Hiddleston is a celebrity or a model or something...either way, I can still have hope!), managing to get some work done today, and getting to watch Tiger & Bunny the Live again last night.
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