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The Choir

It's official. Athena is now the ward choir director. The ward music director had been telling us for weeks that she had been telling the bishop that Athena would make a great choir director, and we had been telling her for weeks that no, we don't really know that much about choirs, so please no! Then the bishop's secretary told Athena that the bishop wanted to talk to her, and we thought, "Oh boy, here it comes." ...and she got called to be a ward missionary. Whew. (As if that calling is so much easier.)

Still, we had heard rumors that the bishop was really gung-ho about starting a ward choir, and our neighbor had even been specifically called as a ward choir member, so we knew things were still in the works. Again, the bishop's secretary tells Athena that the bishop would like to see her. It was perfect timing, actually, because Athena had just been thinking that we needed to get our temple recommends renewed. So we scheduled appointments to make that happen, and last Tuesday we went to see the bishop. While we waited, one of his counselors pulled us aside and called us to be members of the ward choir. And so we thought all the choir business was taken care of.

Well. When Athena went in to see the bishop, he asked her, "How much do you know about leading choirs?" And there you have it. She also got a pep talk about how sometimes you get called to do something, not because you're great at it, but because you can become great at it.

On the plus side, ward choir! We have always been somewhat opinionated in church choir situations, so I guess it's just as well that Athena will be calling the shots. It's also pretty likely that I'll be playing accompaniment most of the time (the bishop informed Athena of three possible accompanists, including me, and I'm the one that's easiest to get in touch with).

In other news, the neighbor's daughter has discovered that I'm at the piano during Primary, and so she sat on the piano bench next to me for almost the entire hour. I'm really not sure the best way to deal with this situation. As for the rest of the Primary, it's probably fine as long as she's quiet (which she mostly is), but I kind of think she should be participating in sharing time and singing time. It's very distracting for me when she tries to press the piano keys softly so they don't make a sound (while I'm trying to accompany the rest of the kids in a song), but on the bright side, it sounds really cute when you talk about it afterward.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to talk to the manager today (but we still don't get a garage; apparently the parking situation is a bigger headache than anybody bargained for), having a ward choir, Hymnplicity, Loki being ever so helpful in the Tsukito dating situation, and Curious George fruit snacks.
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