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There was a time when we could get all our work done, spend an hour reading, and take turns practicing music all before dinner. Where has that time gone? ...Not that it matters too much today, being Saturday and all. The problem with it is then we spend all of Saturday making up for lost time, and we only get about half the stuff done that we wanted to do. Ah well.

Anyway, we started playing Tsukuyomi's storyline in Kamigami no Asobi last night, but we were so exhausted that it was almost impossible to process anything that was happening. Fortunately, we didn't get very far. Besides, I haven't talked about Apollo's other endings.

It feels like so long ago that we got those endings. We had to go back to soon after the bunkasai, after Apollo bailed on the kiss scene and left the student council, and we all set up a party to try to convince him to come back. This time, instead of delivering the invitation in person, we left it on the table or somewhere where he could find it. This way, instead of running off and angsting over Cassandra, we got to go to the party. And Apollo came, too! And he was so touched that everybody cared about him and didn't think he was a loser, that he agreed to come back! Yay!

Somewhere in there, Yui realizes that she loves Apollo but he doesn't love her back so she's just going to get over it, and fortunately she doesn't have a lot of time to think about it, because now that Apollo is happy again, everyone is having so much fun that they've angered the gods with all their celebratin'! ...Oh wait, that's the Tiki Room. This time, they just angered Zeus. He came and started yelling at Apollo, like, "If you have time to goof around, why aren't you going to graduate!? Fix it!" And that pretty much killed everybody's mood, so they all went home.

Meanwhile, Hades and Dionysus are all like, "Seriously, what's his problem?" Dionysus thinks Zeus is afraid of Apollo, because when Zeus defeated Kronus, there was a prophecy that Zeus would meet a similar fate at the hand of his own son, but Hades says no the prophecy has been nullified because the "son" that was supposed to kill Zeus was born as a daughter. And we were like, "Wait, what? I don't remember that! ...Do I? Maybe...?" so we tried to look it up at Wikipedia later, but we didn't really know where to start, and we gave up. Does anybody know which goddess they were referring to? But anyway, Apollo and Yui decide they need more information, and they also decide to be assertive about it and actually, like, talk to Zeus.

Then there's more logistical stuff, because they like to talk about going places to talk in Apollo's story, but what it all boils down to is that you and Apollo confront Zeus, and Thoth has informed Zeus that seriously, there's like no way Apollo is going to graduate. There are hints later alluding to Apollo going berserk over Cassandra (but not actually spoiling it), which, I forgot to mention before, causes Apollo to go despondent once he snaps out of his rage and realizes the terrible things he's done.

So Zeus decides to fix it by knocking Apollo out, wiping his memories, and sending him back to his old world. So there's a big battle...or rather, a lot of thunderbolt dodging, because Apollo tried to short circuit his fetter again, but Zeus is like, "Don't be stupid; I strengthened it so it would stop doing that." If he could do that all along, he probably deliberately let Apollo access his powers before. Aww, he was playing favorites all along!

So Yui figures she can either try to stop Zeus on her own or go for help. The logical solution would be to go for help, which is of course why it's also the slightly less favorable option. (Actually, I'd say both endings are about equal on this one--it just depends which of Apollo's familial relationships you'd rather strengthen.) If you go for help, the help you get is Hades, who pretty much comes along and lectures Zeus about how he's a coward. Apollo says he's prepared to face whatever the future may hold, and his resolve to be a good person causes his fetter to fall off and now he can graduate! Yay! And now he and Uncle Hades are best buds.

If you don't go for help, you just argue with Zeus some more, with pretty much the same results. Only this time, Apollo does more of the talking, so the father-son relationship is strengthened, and it's a lot more obvious when Apollo calls Zeus dad. Awwwww!

And that's pretty much it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to sleep in this morning, finally getting to the part in Burn Notice that Gaston spoiled for us so we don't have to be all nervous about when it's going to happen anymore, getting to watch more Space Brothers today, having a little time to do stuff today, and having tentative plans to meet Captain America on Monday.
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