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Long day

Oh my goodness, what has even been going on these last two days? It's all a blur!

Okay, so I'm pretty sure that what happened was Gaston and Alice came over and we went to Disneyland. That much is certain. Okay, it's all certain; I'm just having a hard time focusing. We went to Disneyland. It was fun. We got to go on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for the first time in a long time (they had been refurbishing it), and there were some nice upgrades, and a couple of things that had us like a little less than impressed. It's mostly this thing they've been doing with everything lately where they try to make it look like something is "really happening" on or near a surface by projecting an image on it. It just looks so flat to me, and makes me wonder if it looks more real to people who have spent too much time watching movies in 3D (apparently that messes with your depth perception).

So it was all fine until we got back from Disneyland to discover there was nowhere to park at our complex. We're supposed to have a garage, but since they were changing managers at the time we moved in, we didn't get one (ONLY the manager is allowed to assign garages). So we did what we did last time and parked in an empty garage, leaving a note on the car with Gaston's number in case it was someone's garage and they needed him to move the car. We stayed up talking for about an hour...and heard a car alarm. Instead of calling Gaston's number, somebody called a towing company. Fortunately, we were able to rescue the car before they took it away (so it only cost $85 to get back instead of the $300 it would have cost if the car had been taken all the way to the tow yard).

Gaston and Alice took the car in search of a new parking place and didn't find anything outside the complex, so they tried another empty garage. Of course now they were both paranoid that the car would be towed again, so after a while of staying up to make sure nobody heard any car alarms, Gaston decided to check on the car one last time. It was fine, but as he was walking back to our apartment, a lady pulls up, reads the note on Gaston's windshield, curses and says, "I'd rather just call the tow truck." Fortunately again, he was able to rescue his car before any such action occurred, but man people must be really tense about the parking situation if they go straight to such vindictive measures. (In her defense, when she pulled out her phone, she may have been fully intending to call Gaston.)

Finally, Gaston decided to park in the nearby school, even though there are clear signs stating that there is to be no overnight parking. The woman who did not end up calling the tow truck said she and her roommates park there all the time and it's fine as long as you leave before the school opens.

And the upshot of all that is that nobody got a very restful night's sleep. Gaston and Alice left early in the morning for the wedding they were to attend, and we got back to work, but it was a struggle. First we were working on Say I Love You., which was mostly okay, except for a couple of parts that made us spend more time than we'd like looking up stuff at the Urban Dictionary (not because we were trying to be especially slangy, but because we are completely unfamiliar with the colloquial terms used for that subject matter).

Fortunately again, it turned out that there was a chapter of UQ Holder! to translate this week. We weren't sure if there would be, because Akamatsu-sensei is due for a break any week now. But we needed some friendly manga to translate, so it was really good, until we realized that we were completely out of brain power. I think we managed to come up with some pretty good translations regardless, and we were getting close to finishing and settling down for a nice evening of pizza and video games...and then our neighbor came by and asked if we could babysit for a couple of hours. We really didn't mind doing it, and it was a super easy babysitting job (except for the part where we were subjected to Spongebob Squarepants, but I'm sure no one would have complained if we'd changed the channel), so we're not complaining. Just tired. It has been a looong day.

And now we are finally finished. Except that we have to go back to the office tomorrow and see if we can get a garage. (Of course we tried today, but the manager was sick! Arrrgh!)

Today I'm thankful for Gaston and Alice's car being spared the tow yard, finally finishing all our work, getting to play Kingdom Hearts with the neighbor's little girl, Miyu Irino and KAmiYU helping us make it through this very long day, and it being time to move on and have pizza.
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