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Scheduling problems

We're still trying to work out our schedule with Daylight Saving Time and Kingdom Hearts [chi]. See, one of the things you do in Kingdom Hearts [chi] is collect lux, which you get be beating up Heartless, and a few times a day, you get twice as much lux as usual. And Japan doesn't do the whole Daylight Saving Time thing, so now our whole schedule is a little off. That being the case, poor planning led to only having a little bit of time to play Kamigami no Asobi last night.

So we got just one more of Apollo's endings. We rewound back to after all the dramatic stuff with Apollo almost burning you up, to when Thoth asks if you want to go back to your world or if you want to follow Apollo to his, and this time we chose the former.

From then on, it's the same until after the graduation ceremony, where instead of saying, "Hey, Apollo, I get to go with you now!" you have to say goodbye. It was kind of sad to watch, because Yui's like, "Because I can't go with you," and I was like, "Actually, yes you can, remember? Thoth came along and said..." But then I remembered that if you don't have enough brave points, you really can't go with Apollo, so in a sense it could have been true. Either way, it was sad, but I was okay with it, because I am forever aggravated by women who ditch everyone and everything else to make their men happy. (We've known a few.)

Apollo was pretty optimistic about the whole thing, so that helped. And then everybody went back home, and Yui forgot all about the year she spent in Zeus's miniature garden (or however you want to translate hakoniwa), but she was so much more optimistic and proactive about life (thanks to Apollo's forgotten influence), and even she was surprised by how much she'd changed.

Then one day, she's sweeping outside her family shrine, and a man appears. She's never met him before, but she finds herself immediately attracted to him. And he says, "Oh good, I was afraid you would have turned into a plant." And we were all, "Eeeeeeee!" I knew he would find a way! Aww, he's so cute. This ending was so much better than the other one, because that one was just, "We're just going to stay up late and tell each other how much we love each other!" And it pretty much rejected everyone else ever, and everything either of them did up until they graduated and blargh. But now! Yui can have her friends and family (which we know she has because they introduced friends and family at the beginning of the game), and I think Apollo can probably still have his friends and family, and they can all live happily ever after!

There is one catch, though, which is that Yui still doesn't remember anything. Apollo says that's okay, because her memories are just sleeping, and she doesn't have to remember everything right now. And they lived happily ever after (we're guessing), the end.

We might have started along the path to another Apollo ending, but we wanted to watch the newest episode of Noragami, and oh my goodness, I'm so glad we did! That Kaji kid. He's a good actor.

Today I'm thankful for getting that Apollo ending, getting to watch that episode of Noragami, getting a good amount of work done today, apple slicer thingies, and Apollo's image song.
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