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Well, first, I should probably link to this article where we and some other translators give advice! Tadah! (There's a letterer version, too, featuring lyschan, and it's right here. Tadah again!)

I think I had something else I wanted to mention second, but I don't remember what it was anymore. Maybe just to say that we don't hate Daylight Saving Time, but having to wake up early on not just the first day, but the first and second day of it had us a little grumpy. We're doing okay now, but we still think we've been up longer than is reasonable.

Finally, with all the doing stuff going on (mostly just work, but also some babysitting--it was pretty uneventful), if I don't type up our reaction to the Apollo ending we got on Saturday soon, I'll forget all about it. I've practically forgotten it already. Where did we leave off? What even happened?

Oh yeah. We were talking to Melissa, who said, "No seriously, just tell Apollo all about it. Do you really think telling him will destroy your whole relationship?" So that's just what Yui decides to do. And this is where we get into the "unnecessary longness" of things, because this is not the first time you meet up with someone just to say, "Hey let's go somewhere else to talk," and then take forever getting to the other place to talk (mostly because of loading time as they change the backgrounds, and because Yui has to monologue about how she feels about their location).

So Apollo and Yui go aaaaall the way to the beach, because Yui wanted to be in as secluded a place as possible when she told the one god whose power was likely to go berserk and destroy things because his fetter thingie didn't work right something that was likely to make him go berserk and destroy things. And then she told Apollo about Cassandra in probably not the worst way possible, but definitely not the best. Instead of trying to introduce it gently, like, "So, uh, what do you think you'd do if...I don't know...just for argument's sake...Cassandra decided to break up with you?", she says, "It's about Cassandra. She's going to break up with you, and it's gonna be real bad." and he's like, "How can she break up with me? I haven't even told her I like her yet!" (And I was like, "Oh, I guess he never did say they were a couple. Just that he loved her." It was Zeus that was talking like they were already together. It's important to remember these things, or else it would be really weird that Yui wasn't surprised by that...but I'd probably just chalk it up to me not paying attention.)

Anyway, Apollo was like, "You can't know that!" and Yui was like, "Can too! Zeus said so!" and he's like, "Zeuuuusss!" He even suggested that Zeus put Yui up to this, just to torment him because Zeus is that terrible a father, and Yui was like, "That's crazy!" And of course Apollo got into such a rage that his fetter stopped working and he started destroying stuff. Okay, mostly just knocking Yui back by radiating extreme heat. Y'know, like the sun. So he's like, "Leave me alone!" (hence the heat barrier), and she's like, "I won't!" and he's like, "No seriously!" and she's like, "I'm going to stay with you!" and she pressed forward through the intense heat to get close to Apollo, so she can stop him with the power of her true love. It gets really bad, too, like her clothes catch on fire and her skin starts blistering all over.

Apollo sees it and he's like, "You're just like Cassandra...!" in that "Which is why I love her!" kind of voice...but then he makes the connection. She's just like Cassandra, Cassandra's going to betray him...and so he gets even more upset, but Yui persists and finally reaches him. And just as she collapses from pretty much being roasted alive, he snaps out of it and realizes that she truly loves him, but not as a god like Cassandra loves him--Yui loves him for who he is.

He explained that the reason he freaked out at the Cinderella play is that he realized that, while he had been stringing Yui along from day one, it was because she reminded him of Cassandra. But when he went in for that kiss, he realized that it was Yui herself that he loved. He was so convinced that Cassandra was The One that he had to stay away from Yui so he wouldn't be tempted by her...or something like that. But now he realizes that Yui is The One, and it's all good. And now he's found the courage to graduate even if it means never being able to see Yui again (because they'll all go back home).

And they graduated and lived happily ever what we thought was going to happen, but there was more. A lot more. Seriously, the Apollo chapters go on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Of course, Apollo had to carry Yui back to her room and use his healing god powers to make sure she doesn't die, but she's still really tired from all the heat, so he lets her use his lap for a pillow as she sleeps it off. This is where we start getting to the scenes where we worry about just how far this game is going to go with the physical relationships. Maybe if we hadn't been working on Say I Love You so recently we wouldn't have been so worried, but the point is we were, and it was really hard on us, because Miyu Irino is Sora! And we like to pretend that the voice of cute, innocent Sora is just as pure and chaste as Sora (Sora's sort of a Disney character; he'll stay chaste, except in fan fiction). So we were relieved when Yui actually went to sleep.

Then they finally had graduation. But before that, Thoth comes along and says, "Oh hey, by the way, if you really want, we can send you to Apollo's world to live with him. But you'll never get to see your family or friends again." We went with the ending that required the most brave points, which of course meant following Apollo. And then they go to his world to live happily ever after, and there's a super cute still with them gazing into each other's eyes...and they keep talking and talking and talking and talking. Normally I wouldn't mind so much because that's just more of Irino-kun's lovely voice, but the descriptions of the actions gradually kept getting more physically intimate, so once again our image of the voice actor's purity started to crumble a little...even though he wasn't really saying anything to do that. On the bright side, his kissing noises were a lot less awkward (than Hades's), and by that time they were practically married anyway. But that doesn't mean we want to read about what they do in their very alone time!

...So that's that. We still have three more Apollo endings to get, and then we have to decide who to go after next.

Today I'm thankful for completing some responsibilities we'd been slacking on, not having to change diapers while we were babysitting, having plans to go to Disneyland this week, new Noragami tonight, and not having to get up early tomorrow (as far as we know).
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